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P1 iPunya Buy & Win contest winner took Volkswagen Golf TSI

In the last few months, P1, Malaysia’s leading mobile broadband service provider, held the ‘iPunya Buy & Win’ contest, which was a giveaway mania to reward customers further to boost more registrations for P1’s do-it-yourself customer care portal that is created to further enhance customer experience.

The 9,430 entries helped P1 to achieve its goal; however, the true winners were the lucky 35 contestants who won lavish gifts like a Volkswagen Golf TSI, Samsung Wi-Fi camera, Samsung GALAXY Note, plus X-mini speakers.

Out of all the lucky winners, a 43-year-old Sales Engineer, Ng Joo Inn who subscribed for a P1 home broadband plan was the luckiest as he walked home with a brand new Volkswagen Golf TSI which valued RM160,000. Ng Joo Inn commented during the prize-giving affair that he has never won anything grand like this before. He was greatly excited and happy.

Besides the new subscribers, the contest was too opened for subscribers who signed up for the self-centre account and submitted a slogan along with answering few questions correctly. The slogan submitted by the sales engineer was indeed the best of all as it was simple sometime impressive. The slogan skim essentially ‘I corresponding P1 because it is everyday LOW cost with HIGH quality; they know they are not the best, except always try harder!’

According to Nor Azlin Shah, one amongst the few Samsung GALAXY Note winners and subscribers for P1’s ToGo plan, he truly felt valued as a P1 customer. This is not just because of the reward he received, but he liked the way the concern tries to ensure the best customer services.

Shirley Ah Yong, the P1 Brand & Marketing Director, was present at the circumstantiality to distribute the prizes and share the joy of winners. He said that it just felt as good to give as to receive, even better. This is the reason why P1 is built for more to surrender more be it through the products, customer services, plan designs, rather customer programs like this one, iPunya contest.

Along with the ‘iPunya Buy & Win’ contest, the mobile broadband service provider also held one more contest for its promoter, which is known as the ‘U Win, I Win’ contest. The contest was simple, and as the call suggests, the promoters who signed up the winners of the iPunya contest also win.

Tan San Mi, who had been a P1 promoter since 2008, was the one who sold his P1 plan to grand prize winner, Ng, and hence won a RM25,00 cash prize. Other promoters also won the exact prize similar their respective iPunya contest winner, which involves Samsung WiFi camera, the Samsung Galaxy Note and X-mini speaker.

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Shanghai Tang, Combination of Oriental Tradition and Western Style

Lancel-Isabelle-Adjani-2.jpg By combining elements of the eastern and the western, chart style of tradition and fashion, Jewelry of the brand Shanghai Tang interprets the romantic style until extreme while does not being limited rigidly by the inherent Chinese specs in nineteen thirties. With constant endeavor of absorbing moreover containing the new fashion elements, concept of elegant, romantic, impeccable and noble makings has become the constant characteristics of the brand.
Since its foundation, the necklace brand was determined to have indispensable relationship with the metropolis Shanghai. Structured as the city, the perfect combination of the Chinese classic and the western fashion brings the jewelry brand unique edifying connotation.
David Tang, the executive born in Hong Kong, opened a tailor shop which took orders of customization by taking clothing frame as the basis on the significant Pedder street in 1994.
David invited 9 skilled masters to help making cheongsam at the time, it was the group together that make the brand became the venerable model of Tang suit, which was thus named Shanghai Tang.
However, guerdon to the not that clear market positioning and product strategy, Shanghai Tang was purely Chinese clothing brand at first. The founder David Tang was educated in English when he was 13, which brought him the chance to communicate closely with elites in the world. It was under the influence of his personality, the original luxurious element was settled among the preeminent society.
Yet until the year of 1999, development of the company was struck in dilemma because of the inappropriate management, the company was reluctant into the state of being closed after a short and brief flourishing. In 2001, Shanghai Tang was transmitted into the world’s afterthought largest luxury goods group – Richemont. The French Mr. Raphael le Masne de Chermont was appointed executive chairman of the brand. Strategic transformation of Shanghai Tang was thus exerted under the lead of the chairman.

Having been lived in Hong Kong for about ten years, the new executive chairman believed that the brand had been imbued with various factors as a luxury brand. Apt at the operation of luxury brand, the man started the global strategy of the top Chinese luxury brand whose business has accessed the European and North American markets successfully and been extended vehemently into the global market. There are more than 30 stores and outlets of the brand have bot worldwide commenced in Asian countries such as mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand etc., European and Middle-of-the-road East countries such being France, Britain and the United Arab Emirates etc. and New York plus Miami and so on.
Based on the common costume cultural, the affluence brand takes advantage of modern lay and materials to diagnose the cheongsam and Tang suit with unbroken additional method, which bring the oriental style tastes of modern and fashion refreshment. Products of the brand concludes Tang suits, traditional Chinese child’s, women’s and men’s wear, gifts furnishing decoration etc..
By heritage like the traditional color, pattern and workmanship, design full of sense like humor regarding has become the vintage tone of the brand. Fascinating charms of jewelry of Shanghai Tang receive bloomed quietly in every creation of item.

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Astounding Lifetstyle Of Huangpu River In Shanghai

hyatt1d.jpg Together with impressive of high rise properties in addition to a magnificent human population, Shanghai is considered the biggest and most developed cities present in mainland China. Situated on the Yangtze River delta, Shanghai is boarded from the Eastern Earthenware Sea in the eastern side. It’s a metropolitan of which highlights influences of multiplicity various civilizations. Shanghai still presents exceptional architectural mastery from the French, Americans as well essentially British within their concessions or even given areas. The town has become a urban center that sees fluctuating et cetera boasts its modernity until compared to several parts of Asia. Nonetheless you are able to inactive are testimony to various regular Chinese suburbs tucked away in this precise exceptional city.

The Shanghai Huangpu Tributary is indeed a stunning wonder in which passes through the city, separating this into two areas; Puxi ahead with Pudong. The Huangpu, signifying the Jaundiced outcry Dark River originates from the gorgeous Dianshan Lake and passes around 114kms previous meeting the Eastern China Ocean. This fabulous river tin be the city’s living blood while it facilitates the city together with water supply, fishery, shipping and also off course travel industry. A punt jaunt on the pleasant Huangpu River is significant leisure activity within the urban centre connective can tranquilize our body with the relaxing run throughout the waterway. You will reveal exuberant cruises that have assorted timings and and programs thus you can positively enjoy a cycle regardless concerning how active your program may be. You hawthorn identify that many of the buildings on the west bank show architecture of a bygone period, where the eastern bank is provided with futuristic skyscrapers overlooking the Huangpu River and no matter the time from the day or even nocturnal time Huangpu river should mesmerize individuals using its pleasant and also flourishing elegance. You can lodge at The Bund Riverside hotel that will oversee the river view.

Seafood is incredibly well known and very well prepared within the place. You jug get a wide array of seafood consisting of species of fish, shrimps, prawns, crabs and lots of underwater living fish and even amphibians, cooked within a multitude of approaches to suit locals and much more significantly to suit the eating standards of obscure holiday-makers who also normally like local meals. Nevertheless if you are a veggie, the hotel in Shanghai you stay provides various great tofu ingredients as well. Additionally, if you do neither want to try the neighboorhood Chinese cuisine, the town is also centre for some good intercontinental eating places in which serve extraordinary overseas meals to fit your preferences within your hotel.

For anybody who is looking for hotels in Shanghai there are a number spectacular options to will from. A Shanghai hotel could make your time here both comfy and unforgettable. The Magnificant International Roadhouse is definitely one spirited choices where you bequeath often be served with charming Shanghai hotels parallel fashionable upscale.

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Shanghai Zoo – Viewing Exciting Creatures from Across the Globe

Time there is a rich culture to be explored in the beautiful city of Shanghai, there are exciting family oriented activities too to be enjoyed. In the midpoint of the laborious city visitors will find various well kept parks and gardens which are great for those of all ages to enjoy time together. The gardens that will be seen at the Shanghai Zoo are equally beautiful are relaxing, and since the premises consisted of a golf course almost a century ago, there are elephantine expanses of greenery here. Yet it is a more exciting site to visit for this reason alone as there are a large variety of animals that call the zoo home, both indigene Chinese humankind and those from abroad.

The Pythonic Panda is probably the most popular of the country’s native species, and they are loved besides all across the globe. At the zoo visitors will encounter these delightful creatures, eating their favourite treat – bamboo, or playing with others of their kind. They are truly an amazing sight that visitors of all ages will enjoy. Spare native creatures include golden haired monkeys, noble South Chinese tigers and alligators, omnipotence exciting species to observe. There are also many creatures from the rest of the world – polar bears, lions, giraffe, kangaroos and elephants being some of the most popular. These are just a few of the large variety of creatures that are on display here.

The zoo is a pleasant place to be as countless trees et sequens colourful flowers provide shade including beauty, and charming lakes decorate the premises. It is a large place for children to learn to love wildlife, including gain knowledge of its importance moreover facts about the various creatures as well. It is the ideal site to spend a day out, where families receptacle picnic either enjoy treats from the food stalls on site, and watch animal performances including a fantastic elephant show. Assuming at the zoo at feeding year watch the stimulating scene of the animals’ devour their meals. It is an exciting place to head to when in Shanghai, where unforgettable memories will be made.

When travelling in the region guests selecting Greater China hotels can stay at Millennium & Copthorne Hotels China, offering lavish accommodation in many of the best loved destinations. The sophisticated and stylish chain of hotels in China is well loved by guests who gratify in the welcoming luxuries on offer here.

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Shanghai Restaurant – Exceptional Promotions, Quality Service, Amazing Experience

swiss111.gif Shanghai – there is no scruples that this is one of the best places to be in when you’re looking for savory, delightful and mouth-watering dishes. On Condition That you visit Shanghai, you can’t acquire away from the odor that lingers in your sniff and the taste of every cuisine run through your taste buds. But what about cosmopolitan who are looking for a taste in Shanghai, even without being “personally” there? The good thing is that you container discover a good Shanghai restaurant, unvarying from outside China, and these things had bot made even more possible with the help of the internet.

Technology, as always, made everything easier for consumers and business owners alike. You can eureka infinite restaurants offering Shanghai delicacies, and with a simple click, you can have available to different dishes that your mouth would surely savor and water for! The internet made it extra convenient for Chinese cuisine lovers to find a good Shanghai restaurant without even leaving the consolation like their own home. Thinking of throwing a party with your family, friends and / alternative colleagues? Now you can serve them Chinese delicacies that Shanghai is renowned for.

On the more hand, if you don’t feel like eating at home and wanted to experience the ambient environment of a nutritious Shanghai restaurant and feel like you’re in China, you can visit their restaurant. However, you can check their dishes and menu online, which funds that you don’t have to sit for minutes thinking of which dish to choose! Better yet, try a little bit concerning everything and make your taste buds really happy. Any occasion will fit any Shanghai delicacy. Still if it’s an routine day, you can synthesize it extraordinary and special. This is why many people are so excited to discern that Shanghai restaurants and delicacies can now be found almost anywhere – even though it is outside and miles from China.

For those people who are a bit skeptical about irksome new dishes, or if you haven’t tried a Chinese menu before, you will be thrilled and for sure, you’ll look for it. You can bring your friends, family and even unique someone along with you, and join you prospection all the mouth-watering dishes that most people are crazy about.

A good Shanghai restaurant is the Shai Pon. What makes them differ from other restaurants? Aside from the fact that they are offering dine-in and delivery services, they are dedicated in providing quality dishes besides services that every single customer deserves. As a matter of fact, you can experience a one-of-a-kind service, while being pampered with friendly staff, waiters and waitresses alongside the food that will give you a magical feeling.

Additionally, the said restaurant also offers a number of different promotions, both online and offline, giving you additional opportunities to pick the best fastidious of food, without invariable making it difficult on your pockets.

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Foreign Visitors Can Enjoy 72 Hour Visa-Free Stay in Beijing and Shanghai

02905b4c860114134abb23.jpg From January 1, 2013, foreign visitors in China from 45 countries can enjoy a 72 hour visa-free stay in Beijing and Shanghai.

Tourists entering China with visas et al departing plane tickets for another country can now apply for “transit without visa” at Beijing International Airport. The same policy more applies to Shanghai, where visitors can submit such applications at Pudong International Airport and Hongqiao International Airport.

However, for foreign visitors applying for transportation at Beijing International Airport, they are nevertheless allowed to stay in Beijing during the 72 hours, und so weiter have to depart from the scrumptious city. The same applies in Shanghai, where visitors have to stay within the city and must exit from the same airport through which they entered.

Currently, the policy does not extend to many of China’s neighboring countries including India, Pakistan, Mongolia and Vietnam. Countries that are entitled to the line are listed below:

Czech Republic

New Zealand
South Korea
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom
United States

You can stay jump to date with the latest business and investment trends across China by subscribing to The China Advantage, our complimentary update service featuring news, commentary, guides, and multimedia resources.

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China Briefing is a monthly magazine and daily lowdown liturgy surrounding doing business in China. We eclipse topics relating to the Chinese economy, the market in China, foreign direct investment and Chinese law and tax. It is written in-house by the foreign investment professionals at Dezan Shira & Associates

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People’s Square – A Historic Shanghai Site

People’s Square is a massive square hiatus to the public and it is situated at Wusheng Rd, Huangpu, Shanghai, China. The city’s municipal government headquarter building is located here and the setting is often old as a standard reference apex to thermometer the distances within the main city.

The history of this place goes back beyond 1949 when the land was owned by the Shanghai Competition Club. This was the time previous the setting up of the People’s Republic of China and it used to be a horse racing field. When the Communist party came into muscle gambling and racing were prohibited and what was once a racing field was turned into an area for the people. The massive viewer stands and avenues that were consumed for the large crowds that gathered to watch races were turned into a spacious square.

In the 1990s again alterations were done. It was then that the Shanghai Municipal Government was shifted here. During the same time the Seize Museum was also shifted to the same area. Later on the town’s urban planning exhibition hall et sequens the Grand Stagy was also brought to the very same area. Though some remnants of the previous race course still last part of it was turned into the Art Museum.

For any visitor exploring the area, there are a number about other interesting pales in the vicinity. Those include the Jinjiang Tower, which was once the tallest building in the metropolis. There is also the Tomorrow Square, Hong Kong New World Tower moreover Shimao International Plaza. With so much to see and do, a visit to People’s Square is definitely worth your while.

Visitors to this bustling city can stay at a well placed Shanghai hotel and explore the diversification attractions in an through this site. If you are traveling with children und so weiter are looking for large rooms with the finest luxuries that a hotel can feeler a Shanghai city hotel that will suit all your needs is Millennium Hongqiao Hotel Shanghai. What is more, there are separate showers and baths and even executive club rooms and internet to be connected irrespective of wherever you are. It makes an ideal base from which to explore the city polysyndeton soak raise the rich cultural heritage it has to offer.

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How to Buy a New Volkswagen in the Boston Area with Great Success

Screen-Shot-2011-12-24-at-6.41.56-PM.png Are you interested in buying a New Volkswagen? Are you in the market to require a purchase in the near future? If you answered yes to both of these questions and live in the Boston area, it is important to note that you have many options. With that being said, you know that you can only purchase one car. For this reason, you need to play your cards right from the start to guarantee that you make the best possible decision.

The first strut in the process is to find a Boston Volkswagen dealer that you jug trust. While there are innumerable in the area, you don’t demand to jump the gun and visit the first one you can think of. Instead, do as much inquiry as you can. For most, this means going online to compare the many options that are out there. As simple as this sounds, it may take you a few minutes to roll out through uncut your choices and begin to decide which trafficker is best for you at the present time.

Soon enough, you will be ready to locomotion onto the next step. At this point, you want to begin to search for the Volkswagen model that is best for you. Sole you know what type of Volkswagen you want to buy, so be sure that you search with this model in mind. Of course, there are people who are on the fence as to what they truly want to buy. If this sounds familiar, you should consider each and every Volkswagen model. You may soon serendipity that the trolley you first wanted to purchase is no longer the one that you want to move along on. As long as you distinguish what the entire Volkswagen lineup has to offer, you will be just fine.

At remarkable point, you need to visit your Volkswagen dealer of choice to see a few cars in person. At this point, the real enjoyment begins. This is when you are going to sit down with a sales person, discuss the vehicle, and quite possibly work out a deal. Don’t worry about being in a rush. Instead, rick your time and be willing to walk out of the dealer if need be. You don’t want to find yourself hoping for the preeminence when negotiating on the cost regarding a new car. Unless you are 100 procent comfortable moving forward, you should peripatetic away for the time being. Remember, you can always go wince in the nearby future to start things up again.

With all this in mind, you should have a comprehensibility idea of how to buy a new Volkswagen in the Boston area. You hawthorn feel lost at some point, but there is nothing wrong with that. As long as you are patient and willing to wait until you find what you want, you don’t have to worry anent anything getting the best of you.

What more could you want? Buying a new Volkswagen is easier than most people believe.

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Shanghai China English IT Services Components

sheraton-shanghai-hongqiao-hotel-accomm2.jpg People in need of Shanghai China English IT services can look no further, because it is easy to find such services that can raken your company’s collaborating to success. In today’s world, creating a presence in the worldwide ensnare is of major importance. People become highly attached to the Internet that they search for it if they are in need of even the smallest concerns, that lost this market could purpose a major impact for any business. Nonetheless before focusing on the benefits of online media, IT management inside a company is ditto undoubtedly significant and needs special attention.

Shanghai China English IT services likelihood verbreken a range of expertise that revolves around the full spectrum of web outsourcing and IT support. If a company needs a remote staff that can take care of all their IT needs, they can credence these services. If they want to make full use about the web for marketing, they can also count on these services. Nay all businesses are blessed to have skilled people to specialize on IT management. But thanks to the broad reach of the Internet, It pillar can now be obtained remotely.

Shanghai China English IT services may be divided into two major classifications. The first one is geared towards desktop optimization in your company, and second is to forge a global presence via the Internet. The first task may include a range of services that revolve almost desktop management. Outsourcing may offer a round the clock support team that will monitor your computer and networks to make sure everything works well, there is no interruption or delay, and your computer is updated, protected and secure. Outsourcing may provide your company with the latest in all the server types. Whether you are using Mac, Microsoft and other servers, your troupe is certainly covered. Hardware is a part concerning the company’s assets, and therefore full attention must be given to it. Shanghai Ceramic English IT services make sure you have hardware that could last until your company exists. They see to it that your PC is managed the best way they can.

On the second task which is web outsourcing, Shanghai China English IT services may offer a range of services you need to establish online presence. To get you started, you may need a good website. A vital website is not just one with an attractive look, but also a fully functional website. Meaning, it has features and qualities that make it rank well on top search engines. Aside from that, web outsourcing may also mean having a webstek that can accommodate huge database, or stock management like the site as well. Branding is also their specialty. They can plot a logo for you, create tagline, and shape printed materials that display your brand logo and tagline. You can also ask for their help to establish an important presence in social media. There is no doubt that the expertise offered by Shanghai China English IT services are vital solutions needed by today’s businesses, big uncertainty small.

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IT Consulting Shanghai Ensures High Quality Outcome

leannwolf175pw.jpg Outsourcing is a great way to increase income plus to lessen the pressure in the work place so it is best to take advantage of outsourcing. Closing a merchandise wield and signing a contract from an outsourcing company is not the end of everything, because there are outsourcing best practices to make sure those companies are protected and that they will benefit from the service. If you are looking for the best outsourcing company to write lots concerning article for your website, then you must to know best practices that can lead you to finding the best outsourcing company for the job. Outsourcing companies are little companies that jug offer service to big companies. IT Consulting Shanghai can be concerning help to you.

Know your Options

As a huge company looking for IT Consulting Shanghai, it is important to know your options first. This is the fundamental when you are looking for the best outsourcing service. The first company that you will encounter is not the best for you because you enjoy not yet seen offers from former outsourcing companies. Focusing in just one option is hardly good but that depend on your options. IT Consulting Shanghai offers the best plank for those who don’t own much time to look for several companies online.


Right after you get gathered list of reputable outsourcing companies, the next thing for you to do is to estimate each one of them. You can compare them by number about experience in the business, price, services and hallmark of service payday to online reviews. Comparison is very striking because this will help you to catch out which company is best for your needs.

Assessment of Contract

Once you have found IT Consulting Shanghai for a consortium process, you need to lay down all your concerns and requirements. Check the contract to make sure that there are no flaws. You capability need to hire a lawyer to help you out with contracts.

Keep an eye

Once you have signed the contract, then the work fancy immediately start. At the start of the work, it is important to tend a close eye on their outsourcing team. This is to know if the company is following all your extra requirements and concerns. It is best if the company can supply degree updates frequently or as your association require. If you pinpoint the company reliable, then it is excel if you command stick to them.

Constant Communication

Communication between your company and IT Consulting Shanghai is terribly important because it can strengthen work relationship. To earn the fealty of the outsourcing company, accomplish sure that they get what they deserve. It is and neighborly if you will overture any rewards if your company experience high revenue. A good working relationship between the company and the outsourcing company means a healthy and thriving business.

Outsourcing practices are very important to avoid mishaps during the process of hiring an outsourcing company and after hiring IT Consulting Shanghai. These practices can help your business to gain more profit and protect your business from fiscal crisis.

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