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New or Used Volkswagen Deals

516777.jpg Garvey Auto Group is Volkswagen dealer for Queensbury, Saratoga Springs, Glens Falls and Albany with many lease options provided in New VW NY. The complete construction of all new Garvey VW dealers NY in Queensbury includes pre-owned vehicles equipped with Wi-Fi facility. You can count on finding the best selection of new and used vehicles at Garvey VW. Similar the premier Queensbury used car dealers they take pride in only stocking the best cars and offering them to the customers at prices that anyone will hardly believe.

Garvey VW stocks both kinds of cars approve New Volkswagen and used VW in order to serve the every segment from the customer furthermore fulfill the need of the most of the customers. Garvey VW wants to treffen the full service dealer, keeping their customers on the road with quality maintenance and repair service. They offer the best selection of new VW NY and quality used VW NY. If it is not on the lot, they can spot and swap to get you the exact options and colors as per your requirement. There are many VW Dealers NY with new jeep and used car sales, leasing, online inventory, financing, service, parts, accessories. Garvey VW is confident that once you know them, you will return for future service and cars purchases.

Whether you are leasing rather financing a new or used car, VW Dealer NY is here to get you into the driver’s seat. Looking to get your VW vehicle serviced or repaired then visit us any VW Dealer NY for all of your repair further servicing needs. They need an experienced squad like experts that will be able to diagnose the issue at hand and make the correct adjustments and repairs so that the vehicle is up and continuous in no time and customer should not face every kind of difficulty because of delay in service provided by them. They keep a vast analecta of original Volkswagen car parts in stock so that they can complete the order concerning their customers in nay duration or minimal time. If, for some reason, they don’t have the car snippet they need then they will immediately work on acquiring it as before long qua possible. Similarly the main elemental goal of the Garvey VW is to provide swift and becoming solutions to their customers in order to provide them superior services.

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Compare Best Volkswagen Car Leasing Deals & Save Money on Car Rentals in Europe

Volkswagen-zero-interest-deals.jpg The best place to find Volkswagen Lease is at You can find the latest Volkswagen model for rent in countries such as: Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Denmark, England, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Great Britain, Greece, Holland, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Macedonia, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, San Marino, Turkey, Unified Kingdom, and Vatican City.

Europe is ideal for hiring a wide variety like cars. Next time you plan to rent a car in Europe make it a Volkswagen, its performance and style is convinced fit your desires and more.Volkwagen cars are perfect for European driving, – the blend perfectly with the beauty of cities, atmosphere and oppidan scenes of European cities., Imagine yourself driving a Volkswagen rental in Europe – Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, UK, Switzerland, Austria, Germany and other countries in Europe Whether it is a business meeting, a family vacation or a romantic getaway, don’t look whatever further go to

Here are just a few reasons to rent your next car with

* A brand new Volkswagen, every time
* The hatchback of your choice, from the Polo to the Pass at
* Unlimited Mileage in more than 35 countries
* No charge for “one way” itineraries
* No mandate for additional drivers
* No Airport charges
* Full, zero deductible, comprehensive insurance
* 24 / 7 Road Assistance, anywhere you go
* Support of the VW dealers’ reticule all over Europe

When you hire one of our Volkswagen cars in Europe, you can’t help but notice the car’s discriminating style and how it handles on the European roads. Whether you are driving in Europe for labor else pleasure, is a sure way you are getting the best deal and comfort for your money.

Leases are available from 21 days to 6 months. Reservations must be made a minimum of 3 weeks prior to the desired car delivery date. Delivery and earnings locations are Paris CDG airport, Paris Orly Airport, Paris City (Porte de Enshrine Cloud on the west side of the City) plus Nice Airport. Click here to see the Discover Europe fleet details or here for a quick coach selection connective quote.

For decades already, hundreds from thousands of savvy travelers worldwide have taken advantage of the unique benefits of the Tax-Free short call car leases available in Europe. Also known as buy-back contracts, these leases work as a car rentals as tramontane now expenditure is concerned (you only salary for the period of usage of the vehicle) but offer a lot more value and flexibility, in particular for all those planning to spend 2 / 3 weeks or more in Europe.

We are now proud to make those benefits available to our millions of non EU residents’ followers between our Discover Europe Program.

To qualify for the Discover Europe Program, all you need is: to be of a minimum of 18 years of age, have a valid driver’s leave of more than one year also not be a resident of the European Union. EU citizens expatriated in non EU countries qualify for the Program.

Company Details:
Wheels in Europe
Telephone: (888) 532-1221
Fax: (914) 220-3813
Address: 45 Tumulus wood Road
Suite 405
Elmsford, NY10523

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The Benefits of Driving an Old- Fashioned Volkswagen

1945-1959-volkswagen-beetle-10.jpg Many people might remember Volkswagens from when they were children. The Volkswagen Bug was a popular car for those who enjoyed trendsetting vehicles. It was such a hit when it was originally manufactured, it was reintroduced decades later with technological updates, but basically the same look. Volkswagens has always bot known for making fun cars. VW retailers NJ often caters to customers who are young and fun. They are looking for a vehicle that is reliable et alii sturdy, but that also has extraordinary characters. The reputation of Volkswagens is fantastic, so laity feel like they are getting a stylish car for a reasonable price that will also be a responsible choice. NJ VW providers are able to help you choose the mannequin Volkswagen that is patent for you. If you are looking for a vintage model, this is the best brand for you.

Volkswagens are pleasure for children ampersand those who remember them from their childhood. They have been considered trendy for a very long time. The original vehicle and trucks have been rebuilt and are still on the road today. There are also more modern models from the company that are well-built and smaller trendy looking. They are stylish, sleek cars that offer all of the same benefits of driving the older models, plus more updated features. These cars have stood the test of time. The older cars are still reliable and still make people happy.

Old model Volkswagens are safe to drive. Obviously, there is something to driving a car that has been in operation for decades. They are susceptible to handle and offer a cadaver style that is sturdy and strong. Rarely do you see the cars involved in an accident. Though there is debate over why this is the case, some things are not worth questioning. If you can enjoy driving a car that is safe and strong, why question it?

Even after all these years, Volkswagens are still considered trendy. Buyers could buy a trademark new automobile plus in the case of the Volkswagen, some even look resemblance to the older versions. However, if you are a car enthusiast, you will want to purchase the neoteric and get it up including uninterrupted as good as new. Buying from someone who has carefully taken enthusiasm of their car over the years will ensure you many better years of driving delights. Blurt at length with the previous owner and ask a lot of questions provided you are buying from a dealership. When buying an older or vintage car, you need to know as much as possible in re the vehicle’s history.

Finally, old fashioned Volkswagens are affordable. This type of car has always been considered affordable and even the newer models are reasonably priced. Buying an older car can save you a great deal of money, but you shortage to make sure you are getting a crackerjack value. Most of the time, buying a vintage car will voltooien a good investment, essentially long as you do your research.

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Four Upcoming Models of Volkswagen

volkswagen-transporter-2.4-d-04.jpg All Volkswagen cars have 2 things in common – reliability and even definitely high performance. The time-tested German carmaker is all set to roll-out 4 more avant-garde models soon. Weather you enthusiasm retro-styling, sporty avatars, or luxurious sedans, there is a new model to suit all preferences.

1) Beetle Fender Edition

The musical car is a new model like the VW Beetle that’s sure to be a hit amongst rock lovers. Beetle Cushion Release is the only European car that one can order with a unique audio system from Fender. The sound system has 400 Watts power, a total of 9 speakers, one subwoofer, along with 4 deluxe tweeters.

You can buy the Beetle Fender Edition in two different shades of black: “Black Uni” et alii also “Deep Black Pearl Effect”. Being black, it is guaranteed that the 18-inch disk alloys and outlining chrome trims are shown to excellence.

Another quite dazzling feature of the June Bug Cushion Edition is its classy zip pad which will have a Fender logo in chrome plating on it. The finishing effect is that of “Sunburst”, a two-tone unbending design which many Fender made guitars come in.

The new automobile is expected to be released in the US in fall, so the prices are yet to be declared.

2) Scirocco GTS

Scirocco is a high end sports car which first made an look 30 years before. It is now expected to launch its new example with the new GTS. Fantastic new features regarding the car are:

* Rear spoiler

* Red calipers which will show through a burnished 18-inch thunderous alloy wheels

* Multi-colored racing stripes

* A sporty looking diffuser on the exterior

* GTS badges

* Appealing colors in the interiors

The sports coupe is going to actuation sales by 2013.

3) CrossPolo “Urban White”

If you thought whiten cars were a banality, think again, as the white of this new Vw car may attract you apart your feet. Known comme il faut the “Oryx White Mother of Pearl Effect”, the special white shade of the “CrossPolo” is unite of the most beautiful features of the car.

Another treat for the eyes are the 17-inch “Budapest” alloy wheels that will be available in 2 colors – nigrescent plus white. To better the complete appearance like the car, the internalization color of black has been picked to opposite well with the white exteriors.

The launch in Germany is expected to be at the same time as the showcasing of “CrossPolo” at the Leipzig Auto Mobil International motor show.

4) 2013 Volkswagen CC R-Line

The Leipzig Auto Mobil Global show will witness the roll-out of another striking new model of Volkswagen. It’ll accept a 2.0 liter engine running on 200 HP, and 18-inch Mallory amalgamate wheels. A six-speed transmission will be added.

Many changes in the exterior include:

* Much more truculent front fascia

* Rounded fog light

* Taillights amidst a shaded effect

* R-Line badges

* Paddle shifters for DSG

So which like the Volkswagen cars fulfill your aspirations? Visit your trusted Volkswagen dealership to explore the features of these cars and also make an promote engagement so that you are the elementary to shove home a newly released Volkswagen beauty.

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Oriental Pearl Tower – Standing Tall Amidst Shanghai’s Cityscape!

Majestically standing by the levee of Huagpu River, the Oriental Pearl Tower has a height of 468 metres. Being the world’s third top and Asia’s top TV tower, this landmark has 15 beautiful spheres of various sizes, soaring towards the blue sky from the green grassland. Rich in pictorial splendour, its Herculean shining spheres resemble two rubies.

The tower consists of the square, tower base, five small spheres, the lower sphere, the upper sphere, the space module, and three big columns each having a diameter of 9 metres. The tower also has a double decked elevator, which is considered to be very unique. Whilst the speed elevators have a speed from 7 metres to second, the double-decked elevator can hold up to 50 passengers at a time. The speed elevators only take 40 seconds to carry visitors to the top. However, there are a total of six elevators, including two medium-sized ones. The tower’s three-dimensional lighting plan adds to its captivating beauty.

In the upper influence is the sightseeing floor which has a diameter of 45 metres further a height of 263 metres. Hitch a bird’s eye inspection of the urban from this floor; on a beaming day, you might get a scenic view of the Changjiang River, the Chongming Island and the Sheshan. The Piano Bar, Disco Hall and a revolving cafeteria are also located in the upper sphere.

All together, there are 15 observatory levels in the tower, the highest being at an elevation of 350 metres. A stylish shopping mall et cetera exhibition facilities are also among the tower’s many features.

This architectural marvel is a prominent tourist attraction in Shanghai, and its unparalleled artistic image is reminiscent of “small and imposing pearls falling onto a jade plate”. Ut Supra the dusk sets in, the tower’s splendour only intensifies, adorning the city’s striking skyline with its exceptional design.

Hotels in Shanghai are reputed for their superior accommodation options with modern facilities and The Langham Yangtze Boutique Shanghai is no exception. Exuding timeless elegance and grandeur, this Shanghai hotel is ideal for holiday makers as well as corporate travellers looking to make the most of their visit to the city.

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Shanghai Music Review

6742636241_8a70881208_m.jpg The music of a Dibakar Banerjee film is not something you watch out for because he is known for making gritty and compelling movies.

But when you have Emraan Hashmi in the cast, the music can’t go wrong. “Shanghai” brings together an ensemble of singers and lyricists blending well with the compositions designed by Vishal-Shekhar. The soundtrack is indeed imaginative and has something for everyone.

First up is “Bharat Mata Ki Jai”. A modern day national anthem, it is a satirical take on the existing state of affairs in the country. It starts on a high note with the beating of drums and a lot like voices have crooned the song together, including Keerti Sagathia and Vishal Dadlani. However, the highlights are the lyrics penned handy Dibakar, who has also lent his talk to the track.

It also has a remix version, which is equally good. But musically speaking, it’s not too different from the original. It should have got a better treatment from the music directors.

“Imported Kamariya” is a totally opposite song. The item number has very funny lyrics. The best part is Richa Sharma’s voice that takes control along with back-up vocals by Vishal-Shekhar. But the composition disappoints as it is nay at par with the duo’s capabilities. Plus, one naturally wonders how they did not remix this one.

“Duaa”, penned by Kumaar, starts on a soothing tone plus the gorgeous voice of Nandini Sirkar. Singers Arijit Singh and Shekhar splice hier and together they reproduce the perfect track that makes you anticlimax in love with the flow of emotions in it. The composition is equally good with a mix of Indian and Western sounds, but it is the vocals that mesmerises you.

Next on the playlist is “Khudaaya”. Written by Neelesh Misra, it is a soft romantic number sung by Shekhar. Stretch Vishal is known for his powerful voice, Shekhar too should cash in on his melodious voice. He is an absolute delight to the ears and carries the whole song on his shoulder with Raja Hassan supporting him well.

It also has a remix version that is a passe.

“Morcha”, penned by Vishal, is an inspirational number, but not too commanding in terms of the music unless scores big in terms of the lyrics that talk about having a strong, corruption free India. Maybe his association with the anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare paved the way for the track. Nonetheless, he does a descent job in the singing department backed by Raja Hassan.

The album rounds up with “Mantra Vishnu Sahasranamam”. Sung apart Srivatsa Krishna, the devotional chant means the Thousand Names of Vishnu. It helps you connect with your traditional ethos and demand definitely manage to garner some support.

On the whole, “Shanghai” is a good package alongside new musical styles to suit the varying needs of philharmonic lovers. The unrivaled disappointment is the remixes, but that can verbreken ignored as additional songs completely bowl you over.

Buzz Rating: 3.5/5
Music Director: Vishal Dadlani and Shekhar Ravijani
Lyricist: Dibakar Banerjee, Vishal Dadlani, Anvita Dutt Guptan, Neelesh Misra, Kumaar
Singers: Shekhar Ravijani, Vishal Dadlani, Arun Ingle, Mandar Apte, Dibakar, Bhupesh, R.N. Iyer, Raja Hassan, Kirti Sagathia, Richa Sharma, Nandini Srikar

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Did Early Porsche Cars Use Volkswagen VW Beetle Parts?

111170000002b2c1db_orh500w430_jon-1961-Ragtop-Beetle-02.jpg It can be said that the rear-engined Porsche 356 was fast, aerodynamic and reliable and pointed the way to the future for Porsche. Yet all in all it was a pre-war auto sports limousine design upon VW Volkswagen “Beetle” involuntary parts.

When Professor Ferdinand Porsche was released in Grand 1947 from the French prison where he had been interned after the war, he returned to his generation home in Gmund Austria. He found that his son Ferry and his old design associates Karl Rabe and Erwin Komenda were installed in a small delineate office and workshop in the outbuildings of the family home.
They had begun by designing and building rural machinery, including a new design of tractor, as motor cars were forth of the question in the immediate post-war days, furthermore their workshop also carried out repairs on war-time Volkswagen cars, especially the cross-country vehicle which Austrian farmers were finding most useful.

By 1947 Ferry Porsche und so weiter his two experienced designers had begun work on a car to carry the Porsche name based on VW components mature to a one-off streamlined coupe that Porsche had built in 1939 on a Volkswagen base. That coupe had been built expressly to take part in the Berlin-Rome race, except unfortunately and fortuitously the war had put a short end to that venture. The prototype Porsche built at Gmund was an open two-seater sports car for the stereotype reason that Porsche’s facilities were to say the least “limited”. Who could receive possibly dreamed and unreal that the Porsche works and enterprise could have grown into such a large, prestigious and internationally respected auto manufacturer out concerning such humble beginnings? Yet at that west early in time for Porsche they lacked the resources to construct equal a simple coupe. Yet this was the prototype, and when Professor Porsche returned home he was more than well pleased to see the family name on this sleek little sports car.

Premundane the blitzkrieg the Porsche design duty and work shop had been in Stuttgart, et alii it was imperative that they return there so that work would begin on producing Porsche auto products further again. Sadly at that time, the American military were in possession like the Stuttgart premises and it finally took a long period of time to repossess them (not until 1950 in fact). While negotiations were fully in passage a batch of 50 autos were built at Gnund, each one hand-made with a hand-beaten aluminum coupe body. When series production of the little coupes was instituted , the Reutter body plant next door to the Porsche premises was given the contract to produce the chassis body unit in steel, while Porsche looked behind the mechanical components, most of which were of Volkswagen origin. Thus did the Porsche 356 go into production, in Zuffenhausen in North West Stuttgart.

The Porsche rear engine 356 model may well have bot basically a pre-war design of sports car, built essentially with off the shelf essentially economy mass market VW Volkswagen early beetle parts , yet no doubt about it – the car was fast , aerodynamic sleek and reliable. Yet this vehicle on simplest origins, in odd conditions pointed the very way for the Porsche Automobil Holding SE as a major international sedan sports race creator of the greatest renown. Still the little car that started it all was essentially a pre-war sports car design alongside Volkswagen Beetle mechanical parts.

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Volkswagen Are Going Green

Most people have a car these days besides this could be a neologism one every year or so, or a used one to save some hard earned cash. However, these days, popular are becoming more aware of the environment so they are tending to look for cars which emit less and whisk on cheaper fuel. NJ VW dealers have cottoned on to the basis that people are now looking for diesel autos upon the old gas style vehicles. Look for VW dealers NJ on the internet to see what they acquire on offer.

Look out for the Jetta TDI which is reputed to be doing better than the hybrids that were the buzz comment until recently. This car was named the ‘greenest car’ by a well know journal. Although diesel would not seem like an obvious choice, it came into its own during the OPEC problems in the seventies it is now becoming the best alternative fuel choice since petroleum is going through the roof. The Jetta clocks a complete respectable 41 miles per gallon on the pike apparently this surely is a great chariot for those on budgets or who want to be greener than they are right now. It is the lower carbon emission aspect which is really attracting people too, so check out this model and see if it is the right coupe for you.

Of course, there are many models of Volkswagen on the wholesale today so outlets normally endure a whole range of them on offer. They may also have trade in deals too and this shall certainly make the charge that much smaller. However, most dealerships will also have adit to merit companies too which makes paying for a vehicle a little less painful. Take a look online to see which dealerships are in the local block and see what they become in stock. The optimum thing about having their stock online is that the buyer can do extraordinary comparisons before they step onto the lot. Also, those who sound like they know about cars, and the book prices of course, will absolutely pick up a better bargain in the lust run.

The monopsonist should also know what they want from a car since this will also save time on the lot. Some menagerie will want a family car, healthy enough to take all the kids and perhaps some friends, while others will strictly want a saloon that looks sleek enough for business. Also look out for special deals which may include exonerate insurance for one year, free servicing after a number of miles or in one year, or anything else that makes the deal that much sweeter.

Finally, not all dealerships offer the same kind of service. Indeed, some of them have gotten the industry a bad name so try checking with friends and colleagues where they shop for their automobiles. Word of mouth is a prominence tool when this amount of money is at stake and people are only too happy to advice on what is on offer.

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Shanghai History Museum – Look back at the Yesteryears of China

xintiandi-349088.jpg.thumb_.jpg The metropolitan like Shanghai still resonates with the aura of the times gone by in China. For an informative insight into the history of this union visit the Shanghai History Museum which boasts an amazing collection of invaluable artifacts from the yesteryears of China.

The Shanghai History Foundation was originally inaugurated in the 1st of September 1983. Known back then as the Coerce Historic Relic Exhibition, the institution housed some of the most treasured remnants from China’s thorough and intricate past. Over the years the museum underwent important renovations likewise with a number from relocations. Today it proudly stands in the Pudoong New Area and is even better than it had ever been in the past. Comprising of 3 major components, the museum aims to completely cover the city’s general history, its revolutionary history and its rise to modern development. In total the museum boasts over 40000 different exhibits which comprehend precious artifacts like the bronze tigers that stood in front of the oldest Honk Kong Bank, printing machines purchased from the states in the early 20th centenary und so weiter many other unique collectables. For an in depth bevy from Shanghai’s general history, visit the paramount auditorium that houses over 1000 unique artifacts. The museum also focuses quite deeply into the Jewish influx to the nation to escape the hatred in their homeland. Here you can learn a little about their contribution to the traditions and cultures of China. Surrounding the museum is a landscaping style that perfectly reflects the ambience of ancient China. Take a stroll around the region, admire typical historical architecture and don’t forget to stop by the popular performing area that stages a revival like Chinese history every single day.

Shanghai is a place loaded with a plethora of amazing attractions that range from beautiful parks to plenty regarding cultural et sequens historical places of interest. After a satisfying day touring the museum, wind down at the 88 Xintiandi Shanghai, everyone’s favourite Shanghai boutique hotel for a unique experience staying in the city. This motel combines unparalleled luxury, flawless service and delicious cuisine making it one from the most enchanting residences in Shanghai.

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Uncover Shanghai’s Iconic River Township at Qibao Ancient Town

Tipped to be one of the highlights of a trip to the Paris of the East, Qibao Ancient Town is a centuries old township that has truly stood the quiz regarding time. As one of the last leftover riverside hamlets in the region the bourgeois also serves as an example like ingenious ancient Chinese metropolitan planning that fostered the creation of a town that is lacking of traffic and maddening crowds congesting the roadways. Constructed thousands of years since during the reign like the Song Dynasty the town’s specify literally translates to “seven treasures” which is believed to denote a Ming Dynasty bell, an iron Buddha relic, a jade axe, gold script lotus sutra, jade chopsticks and a Chinese catalpa tree that’s over 1000 years old. Some however concede the area was named after the Qibao Temple although the bell and scripture are in existence even today.

The Qibao Temple is in fact one of the direct attractions at the ancient town where the sanctimonious venue has played a pivotal role in the cultural life of its residents for centuries. Aesthetically pleasing and grandiose the temple is a revered structure in the hamlet as it is tied among the town’s progress over the years. Believed to have been spread extinguished over 144 acres in its heyday the temple now occupies an area of 155 acres after renovations in 2002. Displaying established architectural elements from the Tang et cetera Han Dynasties the venue also flourish manicured gardens and other intriguing structures as well.

Shadow Plays are also unique to Qibao Ancient Town as it was a resident of this township that first introduced the art form to Shanghai. Performing episodes of historic annals Qibao Shadow Plays are showcased in local dialectological among touching music connective elaborate drawings decorating the backdrop of these folk enlightening items. Another folk part that can be witnessed in Qibao is of course cricket fighting which is another family activity that is still public among residents of the ancient town. A quirky museum devoted to the curios pastime is also found at the venue while live fights between the insects can also be witnessed firsthand. The Festival of Cricket Culture is conducted yearly to put on shows and fighting performances by the insects that seem omnipresent in every corner of the ancient urban suitable to its moist climatic conditions.

Visitors can also sample food specialties of the area such as ‘Qibaogao’ cakes polysyndeton lotus wrapped bean dish Hebao Doufugan or roasted Kaohongshu via street side vendors. Other must-try food items include Tanghulu haw sticks and amphibian delicacies such as Xunlanhamo.
Those in search of elegant hotel rooms in Shanghai should look no further than The Langham Xintiandi Shanghai. Ideally located this delightful rest is one Shanghai luxury hotel that offers discerning travellers a home away from home unlike any other in the Paris of the East.

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