Did Early Porsche Cars Use Volkswagen VW Beetle Parts?

111170000002b2c1db_orh500w430_jon-1961-Ragtop-Beetle-02.jpg It can be said that the rear-engined Porsche 356 was fast, aerodynamic and reliable and pointed the way to the future for Porsche. Yet all in all it was a pre-war auto sports limousine design upon VW Volkswagen “Beetle” involuntary parts.

When Professor Ferdinand Porsche was released in Grand 1947 from the French prison where he had been interned after the war, he returned to his generation home in Gmund Austria. He found that his son Ferry and his old design associates Karl Rabe and Erwin Komenda were installed in a small delineate office and workshop in the outbuildings of the family home.
They had begun by designing and building rural machinery, including a new design of tractor, as motor cars were forth of the question in the immediate post-war days, furthermore their workshop also carried out repairs on war-time Volkswagen cars, especially the cross-country vehicle which Austrian farmers were finding most useful.

By 1947 Ferry Porsche und so weiter his two experienced designers had begun work on a car to carry the Porsche name based on VW components mature to a one-off streamlined coupe that Porsche had built in 1939 on a Volkswagen base. That coupe had been built expressly to take part in the Berlin-Rome race, except unfortunately and fortuitously the war had put a short end to that venture. The prototype Porsche built at Gmund was an open two-seater sports car for the stereotype reason that Porsche’s facilities were to say the least “limited”. Who could receive possibly dreamed and unreal that the Porsche works and enterprise could have grown into such a large, prestigious and internationally respected auto manufacturer out concerning such humble beginnings? Yet at that west early in time for Porsche they lacked the resources to construct equal a simple coupe. Yet this was the prototype, and when Professor Porsche returned home he was more than well pleased to see the family name on this sleek little sports car.

Premundane the blitzkrieg the Porsche design duty and work shop had been in Stuttgart, et alii it was imperative that they return there so that work would begin on producing Porsche auto products further again. Sadly at that time, the American military were in possession like the Stuttgart premises and it finally took a long period of time to repossess them (not until 1950 in fact). While negotiations were fully in passage a batch of 50 autos were built at Gnund, each one hand-made with a hand-beaten aluminum coupe body. When series production of the little coupes was instituted , the Reutter body plant next door to the Porsche premises was given the contract to produce the chassis body unit in steel, while Porsche looked behind the mechanical components, most of which were of Volkswagen origin. Thus did the Porsche 356 go into production, in Zuffenhausen in North West Stuttgart.

The Porsche rear engine 356 model may well have bot basically a pre-war design of sports car, built essentially with off the shelf essentially economy mass market VW Volkswagen early beetle parts , yet no doubt about it – the car was fast , aerodynamic sleek and reliable. Yet this vehicle on simplest origins, in odd conditions pointed the very way for the Porsche Automobil Holding SE as a major international sedan sports race creator of the greatest renown. Still the little car that started it all was essentially a pre-war sports car design alongside Volkswagen Beetle mechanical parts.


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