Four Upcoming Models of Volkswagen

volkswagen-transporter-2.4-d-04.jpg All Volkswagen cars have 2 things in common – reliability and even definitely high performance. The time-tested German carmaker is all set to roll-out 4 more avant-garde models soon. Weather you enthusiasm retro-styling, sporty avatars, or luxurious sedans, there is a new model to suit all preferences.

1) Beetle Fender Edition

The musical car is a new model like the VW Beetle that’s sure to be a hit amongst rock lovers. Beetle Cushion Release is the only European car that one can order with a unique audio system from Fender. The sound system has 400 Watts power, a total of 9 speakers, one subwoofer, along with 4 deluxe tweeters.

You can buy the Beetle Fender Edition in two different shades of black: “Black Uni” et alii also “Deep Black Pearl Effect”. Being black, it is guaranteed that the 18-inch disk alloys and outlining chrome trims are shown to excellence.

Another quite dazzling feature of the June Bug Cushion Edition is its classy zip pad which will have a Fender logo in chrome plating on it. The finishing effect is that of “Sunburst”, a two-tone unbending design which many Fender made guitars come in.

The new automobile is expected to be released in the US in fall, so the prices are yet to be declared.

2) Scirocco GTS

Scirocco is a high end sports car which first made an look 30 years before. It is now expected to launch its new example with the new GTS. Fantastic new features regarding the car are:

* Rear spoiler

* Red calipers which will show through a burnished 18-inch thunderous alloy wheels

* Multi-colored racing stripes

* A sporty looking diffuser on the exterior

* GTS badges

* Appealing colors in the interiors

The sports coupe is going to actuation sales by 2013.

3) CrossPolo “Urban White”

If you thought whiten cars were a banality, think again, as the white of this new Vw car may attract you apart your feet. Known comme il faut the “Oryx White Mother of Pearl Effect”, the special white shade of the “CrossPolo” is unite of the most beautiful features of the car.

Another treat for the eyes are the 17-inch “Budapest” alloy wheels that will be available in 2 colors – nigrescent plus white. To better the complete appearance like the car, the internalization color of black has been picked to opposite well with the white exteriors.

The launch in Germany is expected to be at the same time as the showcasing of “CrossPolo” at the Leipzig Auto Mobil International motor show.

4) 2013 Volkswagen CC R-Line

The Leipzig Auto Mobil Global show will witness the roll-out of another striking new model of Volkswagen. It’ll accept a 2.0 liter engine running on 200 HP, and 18-inch Mallory amalgamate wheels. A six-speed transmission will be added.

Many changes in the exterior include:

* Much more truculent front fascia

* Rounded fog light

* Taillights amidst a shaded effect

* R-Line badges

* Paddle shifters for DSG

So which like the Volkswagen cars fulfill your aspirations? Visit your trusted Volkswagen dealership to explore the features of these cars and also make an promote engagement so that you are the elementary to shove home a newly released Volkswagen beauty.


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