Oriental Pearl Tower – Standing Tall Amidst Shanghai’s Cityscape!

Majestically standing by the levee of Huagpu River, the Oriental Pearl Tower has a height of 468 metres. Being the world’s third top and Asia’s top TV tower, this landmark has 15 beautiful spheres of various sizes, soaring towards the blue sky from the green grassland. Rich in pictorial splendour, its Herculean shining spheres resemble two rubies.

The tower consists of the square, tower base, five small spheres, the lower sphere, the upper sphere, the space module, and three big columns each having a diameter of 9 metres. The tower also has a double decked elevator, which is considered to be very unique. Whilst the speed elevators have a speed from 7 metres to second, the double-decked elevator can hold up to 50 passengers at a time. The speed elevators only take 40 seconds to carry visitors to the top. However, there are a total of six elevators, including two medium-sized ones. The tower’s three-dimensional lighting plan adds to its captivating beauty.

In the upper influence is the sightseeing floor which has a diameter of 45 metres further a height of 263 metres. Hitch a bird’s eye inspection of the urban from this floor; on a beaming day, you might get a scenic view of the Changjiang River, the Chongming Island and the Sheshan. The Piano Bar, Disco Hall and a revolving cafeteria are also located in the upper sphere.

All together, there are 15 observatory levels in the tower, the highest being at an elevation of 350 metres. A stylish shopping mall et cetera exhibition facilities are also among the tower’s many features.

This architectural marvel is a prominent tourist attraction in Shanghai, and its unparalleled artistic image is reminiscent of “small and imposing pearls falling onto a jade plate”. Ut Supra the dusk sets in, the tower’s splendour only intensifies, adorning the city’s striking skyline with its exceptional design.

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