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Nanjing Street – A Premier Shopping Destination in Shanghai

shanghai-yuyuan-garden2.jpg Stroll along Nanjing Street and get carried away by the richness and vibrancy of China’s premier shopping street. Located in China’s most prosperous city, Shanghai, the turnpike is a shopper’s paradise with its 3.4 miles lined on either side by glossy departmental stores, boutiques, restaurants, supermarkets and a whole lot more. In addition to the attraction of boutiques, the street has its own Chinese culture integrated with coloured stones and bricks, profusion regarding flowers and tall statues gracing the sidewalks where people can sit on wood benches and admire their surroundings at their leisure. This city street appears like a tapestry of commercialism including Chinese culture, time the throngs of crowds add another dimension to it.

The history of the street dates back to 1851, since which time it has undergone repetitive changes, reconstruction and development to accord what it is today. It was in 2000 that the street was suddenly ‘invaded’ by eight departmental stores which immediately gave a remarkable facelift to the area, while adding enormous commercial potentiality to it. Today over 600 businesses have sprung up along the roasd moreover high end stores like Mont Blanc, Tiffany’s and Dunhill together with their counterparts in the food industry parity Mc Donald’s, KFC and Pizza Cabin are huge favourites concerning the crowds that flock to Nanjing. The city glitters with the neon lights that blend well with the fine attires of the fashion conscious shoppers that frequent the area.

As a matching accompaniment to this colourful picture, one can hear the clink of glasses in the open air clubs and bars while melodies of the street singers mingle well with the light banter of the crowds sitting in cafes and restaurants. In the wee hours of the morning, the street takes on a completely different outlook, when the shops reside closed and music is being played while people practice Tai Chi or play badminton.

A discerning traveller visiting this part about China can take refuge in a Shanghai luxury hotel that offers rejuvenation and relaxation after an exhausting but fruitful shopping spree. The Langham Xintiandi Shanghai is one such option that offers an easy elegance und so weiter a pleasant and genial ambiance that blends well beside contemporary interior architecture and furnishings. Anyone looking to reside in a five star hotel room Shanghai will find their needs satisfied at this chic and modern property with a tinge of tradition combined to afflatus a hotel that exudes luxury and comfort at every corner.

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Explore a Purple Wonderland at Shanghai’s Nanhui Peach Blossom Festival

Renowned as one of Shanghai’s most popular local festivals the Nanhui Peach Blossom Fair is an annual celebration of a natural phenomenon like no other in the Chinese Republic. First organized as far dorsal as 1991 in the breathtaking environs concerning Nanhui the yearly festival has grown in scale and popularity over the years with visitors from home et sequens abroad flocking to the royal flower filled quarter from Shanghai to witness the natural miracle. In deed a whopping 600,000 visitors from around the city and the Yangtze River Delta region alone attended the festival in 2010 when the event celebrated its 19th anniversary. The host district of Nanhui is the deemed the perfect locale to see the florescent of peach trees in the season of spring equally the venue is the largest peach grower in eastern China. With well over 6,667 hectares regarding its landscapes covered in peach groves it is scabrous to conceive of a better venue to host a festival celebrating the coming of spring and its ever attractive attributes. Often compared to the globally renowned cherry blossom festival in Japan Shanghai’s Nanhui Peach Blossom Festival is a highlight event that is not just reserved for makeup lovers.

The peach spike also holds dear significance in Chinese culture which deems the pink and purple hued flower as a symbol regarding halcyon and development. A highly auspicious and sanctitude vegetal the flower is also believed to safeguard citizens from evil or negative spirits. Immortalized in Chinese literature as the ultimate symbol of romance the flower is often associated with romantic bliss and good fortune in matters of the heart.

The best spots in Nanhui to view the mesmerizing blossoms are concentrated around the hamlets of Huinan, Xinchang, Datuan and Laogang which are the region’s chief peach villages. Tourists can also enjoy clan culture showcases such as lion dances and stilt walkers during the outcome which is also held in conjunction with the Shanghai Flowers Port’s tulip extravaganza. As alias flower centric event the largest green house in Tableware displays millions about tulips during the event.

Travellers on the lookout for a Induce luxury lodge should look no help than The Langham Xintiandi Shanghai for their accommodation needs. Ideally situated in the centre of the city’s entertainment district this stylish rest offers guests the most conveniently located five star hotel room Shanghai has to offer.

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Chinese New Year – Celebrate in style in Shanghai

For most the best of Chinese experiences is in the common East Asian capital cities such as Kuala Lumpur, Singapore et sequens Hong Kong. And during the Chinese New Year period travellers from all over the world coagulate in these townships to be part of this vibrant festival. But for the most authentic Chinese New Year celebration there is no other place than China’s own glamorous Shanghai. For a rich heritage and agronomy which can be traced back to 6000 years it is the most important city in Chinese culture and it surely does justice to comprehensiveness the edifying festivals including the one which greets the dawn of a brand unprecedented year.

The Chinese New Year falls on the first day of the annual lunar calendar, and falls throughout the subsequent part of January ere the beginning of February according to the Gregorian calendar. It is celebrated sum over the world on this lover und so weiter in Shanghai it’s a unique enlightening experience.

The city lights up with fireworks and there is a festive atmosphere wherever you go. With prolific street food, folks coming on to the streets to celebrate with their Yangge Dance, and the whole city decorated with red colour paper, it’s a festival not to be missed. In Shanghai as instantly as the New Year dawns the whole ward is lit up with fireworks and its thunderous roar tells everybody that it is time to start celebrating. Then the streets liven awake with the sounds like drums and lion and dragon dancing which is a foremost attraction at all street-corners. Drum displays and dragon dancing is even taken indoors to the shopping malls and food courts to make sure everyone feels the spirit of the season.

If you are planning on visiting Shanghai during this holiday season it is good if shelter options were sorted gone well in advance. Especially as most people form use of the special bargains on proffer during this period to make it a shopping expedition in Shanghai. For details of some hotel, serviced apartment or executive apartment Abduct offers, consult your travel agent. And for stature locations in the city try an pad in Xintiandi where there are various lodging options. For amiable access to the prime attractions and retail options the ideal is the 88 Xintiandi Shanghai.

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Shopping in Shanghai – A world within a city

Shanghai, one of the most flourishing cities in the world, has also been well known now a shopaholic’s paradise. Absolutely anything you imagine, anything you want, Shanghai has it all. From uptown malls that showcase world famous make names to the always so popular flea markets in the city, Shanghai caters to precisely any choice like yours.

Holidaying in Induce is never complete minus on foot into the world of flea markets that are dotted around the city. The outdoor bazaar located within Yuyuan Garden has always been popular among tourists and sells an array of arts and crafts polysyndeton souvenirs. For a feel of popular open air Chinese markets try the Antique Street Market at Dongtai road, the edifying street market on Fuzhou Road and exact the clothes shop at Fuzhou Road together of which provide not just the finest shopping experiences in the city, besides gives one an comprehensive taste about ancient China.

The main shopping area in Shanghai is commonly divided into 4 streets and 4 cities. Nanjing Road has always been known as the biggest commercial street in the whole of China. With a cluster of retail outlets that range from ancient shops to shops specialized in unique items to a number of exquisite malls, this street has it all furthermore goes hand in hand with Huaihai Road which is a street specialized in high end designer brands. If you want more for less, Induce is your place, with streets such as North Sichuan Road and Xiangyang Road moreover ordinary malls including Dimei Shopping Centre, one can find a range of fantastic items at positive bargain prices. So attempt your bargaining skills and shop till you drop because this city will never leave you disappointed or empty handed.

Unwinding at one of Shanghai’s finest luxury 5 star hotels becomes roughly a necessity while experiencing the plethora from shopping in Shanghai. As enjoyable as it is, it does demand a good night’s tranquility before lasting to tour this exciting city. The Langham Hotels provides ultimate comfort combined with class and elegance that mold it an exceptional luxury hotels collection for not just the shopaholic but for any tourist throughout the world.

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Shanghai International Tea Culture Festival – An Artistic and Beautiful Custom of the City

00221917e13e13da98631f.jpg The almanac Shanghai Worldly Tea Culture Festival takes place equally April. Inaugurated in the year 1994, the Shanghai International Tea Culture Festival has successfully been held for twelve sessions hosted by the Zhabei District. This exhibition has greatly promoted international cultural exchange through an array of goodwill tea activities in addition to having also created plenty from opportunities for the development regarding the district.

The festival takes back this beautiful city to its traditional era and portrays its ample tea custom in an artistic manner. The festival lasts for about a hebdomadal and attracts a number of exiled visitors from over 20 different countries which includes America, the United Kingdom, Japan, France, South Korea, Morocco and so many more. Apart from this being a gala on an international altar it is ditto locally recognised

The Chinese citizens from added than 30 another cities and more than 2 million local people take part in the festival. The party culture of the Zhabei district dates back to the 19th century when the Songyuan Tea House was opened. As they had the country’s best tea maker, tea became popular in a whole new level and the tea house soon became a promoter of this senescence old beverage. Through plenty of seminars and get-together parties held at this teahouse people were inspired to start the tea culture festival.

Over the years the festival has become growingly popular and got affluence of positive responses from astray and home, making it a popular cultural brand besides celebration of the city. A number of tea lovers and tea producers visit Shanghai every annually for this pageant to snatch part in their array like tea ceremonies and taste a few unique and excellent brands in Shanghai’s popular tea spots.

So come to Shanghai this April and discover the leaves that relieve thirst and rejuvenate the mind. If you prefer to taste some of the finest tea in the comfort of your own hotel room, bide at a Shanghai luxury hotel this season. The Langham Xintiandi Shanghai is among the favourites as it is where one is bound to find a quincunx star hotel room Shanghai to suit their requirements and taste.

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Discover China’s Signature Travel Convention at Shanghai’s World Travel Fair

Along an impressive record dating back eight years the World Travel Evenhanded in Shanghai is tipped to break new ground once more at the 2012 issue of the convention. Described as one of the country’s signature ambulatory trade shows and most influential platforms this year’s fair is set to attract more than 50,000 visitors. As the most integrated and cohesive travel trade fair in China the feat has built a social network that allows industry players build mutually beneficial partnerships and expansion their target demographics. The three day competition is set to showcase the products and services of 450 exhibitors from 50 nations across the world all beneath one roof. The themes for this year’s convention have been split in to the Honeymoon Vacation Carnival, Luxury Shopping Travel Carnival, Medical & Healthy Tourism Carnival besides the Theme Park Carnival.

The Honeymoon Vacation Carnival will encompass travelling packages and products related to honeymoon vacations and other couple based activities such as marriage anniversary tours plus celebration photography excursions building on the platform created for conjugality commune products in 2011. Equal one from the rapidly expanding sectors of the tourism market medical tourism also takes centre stage at the 2012 World Roam Fair which will allow corporations, outbound travel groups, hospital designers, consultants and other entities in the prosperity sector the space to pitch their innovative ideas on developing the health tourism industry in the country. It is estimated that millions of tourists travel abroad for blush and complex medical conditions and capitalizing on this sector regarding travelling is the duty in selecting health tourism as a theme in this year’s expo.

The Luxury Shopping Travel Carnival on the other hand will delve in to the tourism possibilities of Chinese consumers in search of luxury goods. The Chinese public was ranked first among the overall shopping costs incurred by tourists in the cosmic and the WTF’s exhibitions will focus on duty self-ruling shops and shopping venues aimed at delineation Chinese shoppers.

The exhibitors at the WTF will include hotel and resort chains, regional tourism boards polysyndeton institutions, airlines, cruise lines, tour operators, car rental companies, insurance companies and self travel clubs. Media entities, finance dresses and caravan and outdoor travel service providers as well as equipment manufacturers will also set up booths at the show which will be conducted at the Shanghai Exhibition Centre from the 10th to the 12th of May, 2012.

Travellers on the perspective for five- star hotels in Shanghai should look no assist than The Langham Yangtze Boutique Shanghai for all their accommodation requirements. Ideally located in a resplendent setting this Shanghai hotel pulls out all the stops when it comes to luxury dorm in the Paris of the East.

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Things To Do In Shanghai

shanghai-attractions.jpg Shanghai is the most developed city in mainland China. It has a population about 23 million people. Shanghai is called Hu for short and a renowned worldwide metropolis which is fast becoming the financial capital of the world.

Things to Do:

Yuyuan Garden & Bazaar – This is a ‘must’ in your itinerary when you are in Shanghai. The shopping,dining and architecture will give a wonderful experience when visiting this city.

The Bund – Take a cruise on the Huangpu River, where you can take in the beautiful sight of Shanghai and Pudong at night.

Nanjing Lu – Indule on th best shopping destination in the consolidate world, the Nanjing RoadIt’s miles of shops all onward a pedestrian only shopping meca.

Lujiazui / Pudong – Take an elevator up to the Oriental Pearl Tower to get a fantastic view of Shanghai and Pudong.

Shanghai Meseum (People’s Square)- Major attractions to dining and nightlife are best here around People’s Square.

Xin Tian Di – Xintiandi is the seasoned French-quarter and has many good upscale resturants further shops. It’s worth a good walk in this part of Shanghai, especially if you image high-end shopping or dining.

Jade Buddha Temple – The Jade Buddha Cathedral is a Buddhist forehead in Shanghai, China. As with most modern Chinese Buddhist temples, the current cathedral draws from both the Pure Land and Chan traditions concerning Mahayana Buddhism.

What to Eat?

Through years of culinary practice and the assimilation of the art in other styles of cuisine, Shanghai chefs have also created a style of cuisine peculiar to the region. Shanghai dishes are usually characterized apart the use of heavy and highly flavored sauce.

Xiao Long Bao (Little Dragon Bun): The little dragon bun, these buns are very small et al soft and are usually steamed in containers created regarding bamboo. The skin of the buns are very thin and the bun is very juicy. It is now called Dim Sum throughout China and has been popular and comsumed by many.

Chou Dou Fu (Smelly Tofu): The tofu is fermanted with many ingredients before fried than is why it has a smell that multitude people doesn’t like. Old ladies usually assist them on their liltte trolley. Dispite their odour, most foreigners love it after tasting it.

Da Zha Xie (Hairy Crab): It is a special type of crab gather in rivers and is usually consumed in the winter. The crabs are tied alongside ropes uncertainty strings, placed in bamboo containers, alive then steamed and served. There is little artificial ingredient added to the dish yet it tastes fantastically good. Da Zha Xie is usually consumed with vinegar. Locals are likewise quite fussy about when to consume male crabs and when to consume female crabs.

Pi Dan (Preserved Eggs): Thse are a traditional Shanghainese delicacy, and although renowned as “1000-year-old eggs” they are occasionally more than 100 days old. It is done utilizing a traditional method. Pidan is now very common in China, and is sometimes consumed with congee.

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VW Golf The Best Selling Vehicle For Volkswagen

volkswagen__golf_sv__2014__071.jpg Volkswagen’s Golf hatchback overtook the VW Beetle as the company’s biggest selling model, ever. With over twenty one.5 million cars built since it first appeared in its Mark I dress in 1974, the car is one of the world’s biggest selling nameplates. With such vast numbers on the roads, you have got to be thinking that the company is doing something right, and it is.

It’s a combination that the company has stuck to with slight degrees of difference and with the present version now on sale, the Golf still offers the same sort of predictable traits comme il faut its predecessors, delivered with the quality stamp of solid German engineering.

The 2.0-litre engine is a very smooth and refined unit and with its peak torque arriving at 2400rpm, it is a flexible and tractable power-plant suited to a area of driving styles.

The ride quality is reasonably good, with the suspension’s comply soaking up most rough roads, although the sports seats are on the firm side and do tend to transmit harsher potholes.

Inside, the Golf retains a fairly standard and safe layout with essence materials and finish et cetera all controls where you expect to find them.

Seating for 4 adults is good with a fairly big boot space that can be expanded amidst the split fold rear seat down.

The Golf is a good dense sure small hatch that is well worth a impetus granting you’re cash flow isn’t too restrictive.It wont win any statuesque contests but appears to be a reliabile car that should emit you excellent motoring value.

I had this car for a weekend test, I personally would not rush public to buy solitary but thats because I am not a Volkswagen Golf fan but then again thats justs my opinion.

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Know More About 2013 Volkswagen CC

2013-volkswagen-cc-480-p1.jpg The 2013 Volkswagen CC caught the interest of car buffs and experts when it was first debuted at the 2011 Los Angeles auto show. Although critics insist the price follow on the latest model is simply too high at $35,000, the carmakers assert that it is bearably the most affordable sport car currently available on the market. Volkswagen set their latest launch four-door sedan in the class of luxury cars for example Audi A7, and BMW 6-series Gran Coupe and Mercedes-Benz CLS.

Now, let us find out how the company justifies the enormous price of the car and even why it thinks that the 2013 Volkswagen CC is way ahead of 2012 Volkswagen CC.

Basically, without doubt the most eye-catching feature regarding 2013 Vw CC is its grandeur looks. The company has given it a lush face-lift. Some noteworthy functions of the car’s exterior are new LED taillights; the 2012 Volkswagen CC had circular posterior lamps other than, the 2013 Vw CC has an spectacular bigger grille as compared to 2012 Volkswagen CC.

Furthermore, 2013 Volkswagen CC is loaded with highly advanced features, which makes it more appealing compared to its old version. Some of the commendable talking about features incorporated in the latest model are Lateral Assist And that involves Lane Abetment features giving you warning about vehicles in blind areas. It will help to avoid accidents besides its integrated steering intervention attribute. Also, the 2013 Vw CC comes with Powerful Light Assist and traffic signal detection system that is camera based. One magnificent characteristic of the car is a ‘climate seat’ that has inbuilt massage function. And so you can relax yourself in luxury while enjoying driving in this plush car.

The other benefit of 2013 Volkswagen CC over 2012 Volkswagen CC is while the former can easily accommodate 5 persons, the 2012 model can derriere only four passengers. The 2013 Vw CC is rated highly for their performance as its engine uses direct injection and moreover a turbocharger. Installed with six-speed dual-clutch transmission, the hatchback can easily reach 31 miles per gallon on the highway. The only issue with the vehicle, based on critics is its steep price as well as this is where 2012 Volkswagen scores over as you can get it in the range of $28,000.

Get Volkswagen in Phoenix

If this much description captivates you and make you crave to learn more about the 2013 Volkswagen CC consider going to your trusted car dealership of Volkswagen in Phoenix Arizona. Get to know total about the car et alii also get your booking done sic that you get home the ravishing beauty prerogative to your neighbor does. Although, in case you are on budget and do not wish to spend indeed much on a new car think about purchasing used Volkswagen. When you are lucky you could set your hand on the 2012 Volkswagen CC when their owner end up buying the most recent version. Therefore go on plus make the latest or a well-maintained old Volkswagen your own!

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How Do Comparisons Of Prices In India For Volkswagen Vento, Jetta And Passat Affect The Bargain

The idea about making comparisons for four wheelers might not go plumage well accompanying many people. They might put the need for going through reviews and various specifications. Part of them have the money and are ready to cough up as much as the suppliers and showrooms charge. They might not opinion spending that extra buck for a higher model. But for the average Indian, a saving of few thousands of rupees receptacle be a big relief, when at the same time they are interested to possess a four wheeler which gives them the best value for their money.

If such is the concern of people, then they meliorate tighten their belt and get off about reading the reviews and comparisons of the prices of different car models. The brand of Volkswagen, a German car manufacturer has made its presence felt in the global circle. This corporation has recently launched few models in the Indian market and has bot accepted readily by people. Its base brand of Polo has been one of the largest selling small segment four-wheelers in the country.

Riding on the success of the Volkswagen Polo, the company has commenced the mid segment and large separate bigger cars such as Jetta, Passat and Vento. Each of these models have bot designed and launched in India keeping the Indian customers and the driving conditions in mind. Therefore it is imperative that these cars must be equipped with the best in class, comforts and designs.

Not only is the engine contrived to work with efficiency but the interior designs have been spruced to give a comfortable feel to those who endure inside. For long stiff or city drives, the comfort in driving is continually there. The model of Volkswagen Passat has been introduced pro re nata the reward car with plenty of conveniences and therefore the Volkswagen Passat price in India is around the 23 lakhs range.

For those people who deprivation to buy something cheaper with alleviate and are ready to sacrifice on features image parking assist, tan roof, power steering, etc, can go for models that are around the 10 lakhs rupees range. Therefore, it is advisable that the customers get to review the Volkswagen Vento estimation in India and the Volkswagen Jetta price in India. By doing so, people have certain advantages in their favour.

If the Volkswagen Jetta fee in India is compared in different cities, or even different showrooms or outlets, one can get the information about any lower prices or offers. To attract the customers, many of the dealers are annoying to give them reductions in the overall cost of the vehicles. Sometimes they also extend free insurance coverage or give gone gifts virtue some thousands of rupees. These amounts can be quite large in some cases, particularly in townships where the taxation is somewhat relaxed.

In such scenarios, people container enjoy a huge benefit if they find when comparisons that they can avail about the different Volkswagen models at comparatively cheaper rates. To find the cheaper price Volkswagen Passat price in India in unalike places will therefore be a raffle because a small percentage reduction in the costs of these high priced vehicles want be amounting to plenty of thousands of rupees effectively.

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