Chinese New Year – Celebrate in style in Shanghai

For most the best of Chinese experiences is in the common East Asian capital cities such as Kuala Lumpur, Singapore et sequens Hong Kong. And during the Chinese New Year period travellers from all over the world coagulate in these townships to be part of this vibrant festival. But for the most authentic Chinese New Year celebration there is no other place than China’s own glamorous Shanghai. For a rich heritage and agronomy which can be traced back to 6000 years it is the most important city in Chinese culture and it surely does justice to comprehensiveness the edifying festivals including the one which greets the dawn of a brand unprecedented year.

The Chinese New Year falls on the first day of the annual lunar calendar, and falls throughout the subsequent part of January ere the beginning of February according to the Gregorian calendar. It is celebrated sum over the world on this lover und so weiter in Shanghai it’s a unique enlightening experience.

The city lights up with fireworks and there is a festive atmosphere wherever you go. With prolific street food, folks coming on to the streets to celebrate with their Yangge Dance, and the whole city decorated with red colour paper, it’s a festival not to be missed. In Shanghai as instantly as the New Year dawns the whole ward is lit up with fireworks and its thunderous roar tells everybody that it is time to start celebrating. Then the streets liven awake with the sounds like drums and lion and dragon dancing which is a foremost attraction at all street-corners. Drum displays and dragon dancing is even taken indoors to the shopping malls and food courts to make sure everyone feels the spirit of the season.

If you are planning on visiting Shanghai during this holiday season it is good if shelter options were sorted gone well in advance. Especially as most people form use of the special bargains on proffer during this period to make it a shopping expedition in Shanghai. For details of some hotel, serviced apartment or executive apartment Abduct offers, consult your travel agent. And for stature locations in the city try an pad in Xintiandi where there are various lodging options. For amiable access to the prime attractions and retail options the ideal is the 88 Xintiandi Shanghai.


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