Discover China’s Signature Travel Convention at Shanghai’s World Travel Fair

Along an impressive record dating back eight years the World Travel Evenhanded in Shanghai is tipped to break new ground once more at the 2012 issue of the convention. Described as one of the country’s signature ambulatory trade shows and most influential platforms this year’s fair is set to attract more than 50,000 visitors. As the most integrated and cohesive travel trade fair in China the feat has built a social network that allows industry players build mutually beneficial partnerships and expansion their target demographics. The three day competition is set to showcase the products and services of 450 exhibitors from 50 nations across the world all beneath one roof. The themes for this year’s convention have been split in to the Honeymoon Vacation Carnival, Luxury Shopping Travel Carnival, Medical & Healthy Tourism Carnival besides the Theme Park Carnival.

The Honeymoon Vacation Carnival will encompass travelling packages and products related to honeymoon vacations and other couple based activities such as marriage anniversary tours plus celebration photography excursions building on the platform created for conjugality commune products in 2011. Equal one from the rapidly expanding sectors of the tourism market medical tourism also takes centre stage at the 2012 World Roam Fair which will allow corporations, outbound travel groups, hospital designers, consultants and other entities in the prosperity sector the space to pitch their innovative ideas on developing the health tourism industry in the country. It is estimated that millions of tourists travel abroad for blush and complex medical conditions and capitalizing on this sector regarding travelling is the duty in selecting health tourism as a theme in this year’s expo.

The Luxury Shopping Travel Carnival on the other hand will delve in to the tourism possibilities of Chinese consumers in search of luxury goods. The Chinese public was ranked first among the overall shopping costs incurred by tourists in the cosmic and the WTF’s exhibitions will focus on duty self-ruling shops and shopping venues aimed at delineation Chinese shoppers.

The exhibitors at the WTF will include hotel and resort chains, regional tourism boards polysyndeton institutions, airlines, cruise lines, tour operators, car rental companies, insurance companies and self travel clubs. Media entities, finance dresses and caravan and outdoor travel service providers as well as equipment manufacturers will also set up booths at the show which will be conducted at the Shanghai Exhibition Centre from the 10th to the 12th of May, 2012.

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