Explore a Purple Wonderland at Shanghai’s Nanhui Peach Blossom Festival

Renowned as one of Shanghai’s most popular local festivals the Nanhui Peach Blossom Fair is an annual celebration of a natural phenomenon like no other in the Chinese Republic. First organized as far dorsal as 1991 in the breathtaking environs concerning Nanhui the yearly festival has grown in scale and popularity over the years with visitors from home et sequens abroad flocking to the royal flower filled quarter from Shanghai to witness the natural miracle. In deed a whopping 600,000 visitors from around the city and the Yangtze River Delta region alone attended the festival in 2010 when the event celebrated its 19th anniversary. The host district of Nanhui is the deemed the perfect locale to see the florescent of peach trees in the season of spring equally the venue is the largest peach grower in eastern China. With well over 6,667 hectares regarding its landscapes covered in peach groves it is scabrous to conceive of a better venue to host a festival celebrating the coming of spring and its ever attractive attributes. Often compared to the globally renowned cherry blossom festival in Japan Shanghai’s Nanhui Peach Blossom Festival is a highlight event that is not just reserved for makeup lovers.

The peach spike also holds dear significance in Chinese culture which deems the pink and purple hued flower as a symbol regarding halcyon and development. A highly auspicious and sanctitude vegetal the flower is also believed to safeguard citizens from evil or negative spirits. Immortalized in Chinese literature as the ultimate symbol of romance the flower is often associated with romantic bliss and good fortune in matters of the heart.

The best spots in Nanhui to view the mesmerizing blossoms are concentrated around the hamlets of Huinan, Xinchang, Datuan and Laogang which are the region’s chief peach villages. Tourists can also enjoy clan culture showcases such as lion dances and stilt walkers during the outcome which is also held in conjunction with the Shanghai Flowers Port’s tulip extravaganza. As alias flower centric event the largest green house in Tableware displays millions about tulips during the event.

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