Nanjing Street – A Premier Shopping Destination in Shanghai

shanghai-yuyuan-garden2.jpg Stroll along Nanjing Street and get carried away by the richness and vibrancy of China’s premier shopping street. Located in China’s most prosperous city, Shanghai, the turnpike is a shopper’s paradise with its 3.4 miles lined on either side by glossy departmental stores, boutiques, restaurants, supermarkets and a whole lot more. In addition to the attraction of boutiques, the street has its own Chinese culture integrated with coloured stones and bricks, profusion regarding flowers and tall statues gracing the sidewalks where people can sit on wood benches and admire their surroundings at their leisure. This city street appears like a tapestry of commercialism including Chinese culture, time the throngs of crowds add another dimension to it.

The history of the street dates back to 1851, since which time it has undergone repetitive changes, reconstruction and development to accord what it is today. It was in 2000 that the street was suddenly ‘invaded’ by eight departmental stores which immediately gave a remarkable facelift to the area, while adding enormous commercial potentiality to it. Today over 600 businesses have sprung up along the roasd moreover high end stores like Mont Blanc, Tiffany’s and Dunhill together with their counterparts in the food industry parity Mc Donald’s, KFC and Pizza Cabin are huge favourites concerning the crowds that flock to Nanjing. The city glitters with the neon lights that blend well with the fine attires of the fashion conscious shoppers that frequent the area.

As a matching accompaniment to this colourful picture, one can hear the clink of glasses in the open air clubs and bars while melodies of the street singers mingle well with the light banter of the crowds sitting in cafes and restaurants. In the wee hours of the morning, the street takes on a completely different outlook, when the shops reside closed and music is being played while people practice Tai Chi or play badminton.

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