Shanghai International Tea Culture Festival – An Artistic and Beautiful Custom of the City

00221917e13e13da98631f.jpg The almanac Shanghai Worldly Tea Culture Festival takes place equally April. Inaugurated in the year 1994, the Shanghai International Tea Culture Festival has successfully been held for twelve sessions hosted by the Zhabei District. This exhibition has greatly promoted international cultural exchange through an array of goodwill tea activities in addition to having also created plenty from opportunities for the development regarding the district.

The festival takes back this beautiful city to its traditional era and portrays its ample tea custom in an artistic manner. The festival lasts for about a hebdomadal and attracts a number of exiled visitors from over 20 different countries which includes America, the United Kingdom, Japan, France, South Korea, Morocco and so many more. Apart from this being a gala on an international altar it is ditto locally recognised

The Chinese citizens from added than 30 another cities and more than 2 million local people take part in the festival. The party culture of the Zhabei district dates back to the 19th century when the Songyuan Tea House was opened. As they had the country’s best tea maker, tea became popular in a whole new level and the tea house soon became a promoter of this senescence old beverage. Through plenty of seminars and get-together parties held at this teahouse people were inspired to start the tea culture festival.

Over the years the festival has become growingly popular and got affluence of positive responses from astray and home, making it a popular cultural brand besides celebration of the city. A number of tea lovers and tea producers visit Shanghai every annually for this pageant to snatch part in their array like tea ceremonies and taste a few unique and excellent brands in Shanghai’s popular tea spots.

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