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The Volkswagen Golf For £8000 OTR

tabla-r321.jpg I was looking for a neoterism car to replace my old Nissan Micra and had had several friends recommend the Volkswagen Golf to me. I live in London and have a very obsessed agenda what with my college educations. I needed a car quite soon so wanted to purchase one from somewhere in the local area near where I lived. I wanted one that was relatively but not species new as I didn’t want to pay the extortionate price tag that comes alongside many new vehicles.

I went online and searched for Volkswagen Golf London to see what was available to me in the native area. I came across many but was particularly impressed with a blue one I saw on a local dealership’s website. It was a 1.6 FSI and had five doors.

It was a 06 reg and had only done 30,000 miles. I was tremendously charmed to find it was up for sale at 8000 and I went into the dealership that advertised it to investigate about a few things.

It has a bhp of 113 and it gets an average of 42miles per gallon which isn’t that renown but on the unhurt I find to be perfectly reputable for a car of its type. Its Co2 emissions are 161 g/km which I was pleased about as I found it to be reasonable for a vehicle of its type and I am very conscious connective aware from the effect my cars have on the environment. It does 0-60 in 10.5 seconds and is perfect for getting me places I need to be. It has a top speed concerning 119 miles per hour which is plenty for me.

I bought the car and have had it for coming up twelve months now. I have been very pleased with its reliability.

Overall I have been very pleased with the premium for money with this car and would recommend it to anyone thinking from purchasing a Volkswagen Golf in London.

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Volkswagen Fox London – A Great First Car

VW-fox-new.jpg I was looking for a first auto ampersand had a friend recommend the Volkswagen Fox to me. I live in London and am very busy with my university studies and needed a car quickly so wanted to purchase one from somewhere in the vicinity are close where I lived. I was not willing to pay for one new like I am on a budget as notoriously as most university students are.

I went onto the internet and searched for Volkswagen Fox in London to see what was on offer to me. I came across a brevity but was particularly taken with a Silver one I saw on a used car dealership’s website. It was a 1.2, and has three doors.

It was a 60 reg and had only done 5,000 miles. I was incredibly pleased to bring to light it was up for demand at 7000 and I went into the dealership to enquire about a few things.

Its bhp is 59 and it gets an average of 36 miles to gallon which isn’t great but I found to exist acceptable. Its Co2 emissions are 136 g/km. It does 0-60 in 16.9 seconds and is perfect for getting me from A to B.

I bought the car et alii have had it for miscellaneous months now. I have been very pleased with its reliability and the insurance isn’t too bad for a me for a car of its type either.

I would not hesitate to buy one again or recommend it to a friend. It’s compact, stylish and is still the perfect size for the long journeys back up to ascertain my family in the holidays in Liverpool where they live. It even has plenty of room for my packing! Even the thruster is very quiet!

Overall I have been authentic pleased with the value for money with this car.

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Volkswagen Servicing Glasgow

audi-a1-quattro-dec11.jpg Audi Technik Centre is widely known as among the premiere in Volkswagen servicing Glasgow. We are a entirely uncontrolled garage who employs technicians who are trained to the very highest standards and we believe that our standards are second to none!

Audi Technik Centre is owned and run alongside William Connolly himself a master technician within the Volkswagen group of vehicles with a career spanning more than 20 years he is therefore passionate today as he was in the beginning and is determined that every customer will return time and time again. At Audi Technik we make sure your automobile is maintained to the highest level possible at all times. We also have a wide range of services and offer the best in car tuning Glasgow. We want to make sure you are getting the best public of your vehicle.

William Connolly saw a niche in the market; he wanted to provide the service and quality often offered in dealerships just at the local garage prices. The ethos remains the same, to provide the best car servicing and repair possible combining the top level of communication whilst employing the highest standards of duty and using the best quality parts.

For these reasons while well as many more Audi Technik Centre are renowned for their quality workmanship and are placed among the best in Audi, Seat and Volkswagen servicing Glasgow. We are also the experts in car tuning Glasgow specialising in diagnostics and tuning your cars’ engine to increase the power output, prudence and durability.

In 2002 the EEC revised its regulations allowing customers the choice of where to have their vehicles serviced. Audi Technik Centre only use original parts ensuring your manufacturers warranty is upheld for warranty purposes.

Our friendly, professional staff will provide you with completely sovereignty advice and guidance, contact the experts online at or on 0141 772 7666 for everything from Volkswagen servicing Glasgow to car tuning Glasgow. Audi Technik Centre should be your first port of call, to get the Panglossian from your vehicle!

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The Burning Volkswagen Kombi – a Fiery Problem For a Classic Van

The air-cooled Volkswagen Kombi is an iconic vehicle that just oozes character. Kombis are practical too. You can drive them to work, carry the family around and go camping in them, and you immobile see them being used on a daily basis as well as being restored for occasional use. There are still reams of young guys and girls who would like to own one as their daily driver.

Volkswagen kombis do have one upsetting mea culpa though. They catch fire, and then it’s goodbye Kombi.

So just why do they discern fire, et cetera what tin you do to stop yours burning?

I haven’t found a definitive article in a VW magazine yet, but I’ve been driving my 1976 2 liter bay window as my daily jockey for over 14 years, consequently I’ve taken an interest in the complication et cetera learnt as much as I could. I’ll answer the question when well since I can.

There are actually a few different things that vessel cause the Kombi to burn, but they greatest come back to fuel getting loose in the outboard bay. Kombis stage a fuel vehicle in front of and above the engine, a hose going down from that to the fuel pump, and another hose going up through the tinware to the carbies.

Kombis are old now, and they have a lot of age related problems unless they’ve been rebuilt. Even then, it’s most likely not everything has been brought back to as new condition.

One of those old-age problems is perished and collapse fuel lines. Chances are yours have bot replaced, but check them anyway. When they crack they can rupture krypton everywhere. One spark and your Kombi is history. Also, prerogative below the engine are distichous hot heat exchangers that own the exhaust running through them. I don’t know what causes the biggest problem, heat exchangers or sparks, but it’s largely irrelevant although your van goes up in smoke.

So probe those fuel lines, and if you buy a kombi don’t drive it anywhere with old et alii cracked stoke lines. Replace them! And don’t forget to check the sock from the fuel tank to the pump. It’s out like the way and easily overlooked.

If you’ve undone the coal hoses a limited times, make sure you haven’t cut through the drench along the inch of the drench clamp. It can happen, and then you swindle gas dripping down onto the engine.

The fuel wash runs past the tinware surrounding the engine. The tinware plays a very important role, it’s essential for keeping your engine cool. It’s nearly as essential as the radiator on water cooled cars, so don’t discard it. But do check where the fuel line runs through the tinware. There should be a rubber grommet protecting the fuel line from the tin. Mine eventually perished, and it was one of the few parts I couldn’t buy new, so I wrapped the fuel line in a larger diameter piece of hose to stop the rubbing,

Another old-age problem is where the fuel lines go into the carbies. There is a brass inlet pipe that is part of the carburetor, and they come loose. You can imagine what happens. All regarding a sudden the gas that was going inside the carby is spraying omniscience over the engine. Goodbye Kombi!

I was very lucky. I was buying parts from a long-time VW mechanic, and he told smeersel almost that special problem. I checked the inlet pipes not long after, besides chosen of them actually pulled right out of the carby very easily. I put it back in with loctite connective check both inlet pipes regularly. If yours are loose, check with your machinist furthermore get them immovable before you drive your van again.

My Kombi also had loose inlet and outlet pipes in the fuel pump. They got put back in including loctite, and they also garner checked whenever I’m doing maintenance on the engine.

I’ve come across another hornets’ nest too. There is a overshoe elbow near the fuel filler. Mine perished, and I could smell gas, but couldn’t descry the leak. Eventually I found fuel dripping of the bottom of the Kombi below the filler. Needles to say that got replaced before I drove it again.

I’m not saying that I’ve listed total that can make a Kombi burn, so in case a vee-dubber tells you other causes, listen to them. And keep a good eye on your kombis fuel lines. If you smell gas find out where it is coming from and fix it. It essential be very depressing sitting on the side of the road watching your beloved Kombi going up in smoke.

And it does happen. You’ll read about burning Kombis in VW magazines and on forums, and I’ve heard of a coadunate of incidents personally. My wife was driving to employment number day and up ahead was a column of smoke and the local fire crew. As she following past she saw a kombi burning. The burnt out shard ended up in a holding yard near where I lived for a less weeks.

A couple of months soon the attendant where I got gas told me about his Kombi. His wife was driving it, smelt tear and went into a gas station to get it checked. The mechanic couldn’t see any leaks so she kept driving. The Kombi burst into flames and that was the end of it.

Don’t let it happen to you.

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The Classic Volkswagen Kombi – Does it Still Make a Practical Daily Driver?

The air-cooled Volkswagen Kombi is a motoring icon. It’s a classic van that is chock full of character, and a lot of young guys (and girls) stillness want to own one as their daily driver. But are they getting a chip long in the tooth now to make a realistic vehicle for daily use?

I drive my 1976 2 liter bay window every day, and my experience gives a good indication of what you may have to do to make your unrestored Kombi asylum and comfortable to drive as your main car.

Volkswagen Kombis are well over 30 years old now and it shows. I’ve spent a percentage of date and money over the last few years getting mine back to a reasonable condition, and if you shop a cheap Kombi you have to be prepared to do the same. Planar a more expensive Kombi will most likely crave some repairs and TLC.

The 1800cc and 2 liter models are the most practical because they have more get up and go than the models including smaller engines, though it does cost more to rebuild the engines.

First the upside.

Kombis are cool, they’re iconic, they have character et cetera they are definitely not boring.

They are fun to conative and when they are in good nick they are comfortable and handle well with good steering. The later mirror bay windows keep up with the traffic fine and can sail on 60 mph all day, though they do slow down on bigger hills.

And they are practical. There’s lots of room in a Kombi. Maybe it’s not as good as a modern van because of the hump for the rear engine, but they still make a grand camper or an 8 seater van with room for luggage alternative groceries. Ground clearance is good and the engine over the rear wheels gives good stress for a two wheel drive if you want to obtainment off the beaten track a bit.

Now, here’s what to be insight of provided you plan on owning one of these as your daily driver.

Rust of course is the biggest assassin of Kombis or any old car. You’re much better off spending a bit more money and getting a reasonably rust free Kombi. Given that you do find a rust free Kombi though, there are still a lot regarding things to eat up your scratch presage it’s even practical to use your van on a daily basis.

The engine may be worn out. I rebuilt mine a couplet of years ago with new barrels and pistons, all new bearings, reground crankshaft and camshaft, and rebuilt heads. The heads were converted for use alongside unleaded petrol at the same time. This all costs money.

The steering and suspension are safety related and have to subsist right.

On the suspension I’ve replaced the four main ball joints furthermore the shockies. With the steering I’ve replaced all the tierrod ends and the main center pin. The steering damper is next on the replacement list, and that should see the steering right for my Kombi. It’s always earthly that yours may need a new steering box as well.

Your Kombi’s brakes also need to breathe right. Brake linings are something that do need regular replacing, but I’ve also replaced the rear delay drums that they were worn beyond limits, and the front discs will need replacing next time the front brake pads are done.

I’ve replaced all the supple brake hoses because they are well over thirty years wornout now and they do get brittle and I’ve replaced some of the metal anchor lines because they were corroded. The rear brake cylinders were replaced a few years ago and the front brake calipers were rebuilt with new seals.

On the rear drive train there are four cv joints, and the ones on my horse window were very sad. They were replaced along with the raise wheel bearings.

One very important area to look at is the fuel lines for the engine. Kombis do burn, and it’s caused by petrol spraying all over the engine. Check the reb lines carefully et sequens if they look old and cracked substitutionary them among quality fuel line. Make sure that they are not rubbing on the tinware and that the pipes going into the carby and fuel pump are not loose. This is important!

As well ut supra things that you know must desire fixing, there is always the unexpected. A treat nozzle came loose from the carby in my bay window and went through the engine. It’s only a small thin brass cylinder but it sounded as though there were marbles rattling around in the engine. Fortunately there was no damage, but it did mean pulling out the engine and taking off the cylinder heads to check everything and to remove the balance of the spray nozzle. And just this week I’ve had to replace the alternator.

As well now dehumanize wear and rip there are the cosmetics to reconsider about. Your cheap Kombi allowed need a paint job, new carpets, regenerated upholstery, and even the front seats may need attention.

On the comfort side new door seals and window seals may be needed to stop rattles and drafts. The heater possible need unknown attention. On my Kombi the heater cables had seized. That didn’t fret me until I moved from a hot part of the country to a about colder area where temperatures get below freezing in the winter.

On the plus side parts are readily available. For my Kombi, a 1976 2 liter model, I have been able to buy every part I have needed apart from the carby spray nozzles, and even then I was skillful to procure by with parts of a different poser VW.

My opinion is that despite all the repairs and restoration, Volkswagen Kombis can still be a practical daily driver. You do need to accept the fact that your purchase rate is singly part concerning the story, and that you will have to spend time and mercantile bringing your classic Kombi nucha to a safe and comfortable condition.

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Tips to reset OBD check engine light of a Volkswagen Jetta

tdisline_743.jpg If your Volkswagen Jetta begins experiencing problem, you don’t need to take it to a car repair service for a diagnosis. The A3, A4 and A5 Volkswagen Jetta models have an electronic system called OBD that automatically checks for whatever errors in the car. But, so as to utilize this system, you discretion need the correct equipment, either a computer or scanner, to determine if your Jetta is refusal functioning correctly.
You’ll need Computer, VCDS cord, VCDS computer software, OBD 2 scanner, VCDS for this job.
Check if you’re Volkswagen Jetta has an onboard diagnostic (OBD) system that is harmony with the Volkswagen Car Diagnostic System (VCDS). Referring to Ross-Tech, a diagnostic software manufacturer for European automobiles, “VCDS will work with most Volkswagen and Audi models sold all over the world 1994 through 2010.”
Run the VCDS software on your computer. VCDS software only works on computers running Windows system and that have serial or USB outlets.
Find away the VCDS cord outlet on your Volkswagen Jetta. The punctilious location discipline defer from models, but it should be under the front hood. If you have trouble finding it, look up your user manual.
Follow the program instructions to susceptible a coded report on your car’s diagnostics system. Check what the codes mean in the program’s user manual to check what the problem with your Jetta is.

Find out the on-board diagnostic (OBD) outlet on your Jetta. The OBD 2 system has been mounted in entire model of Jetta since 1996 — previous models used the OBD I system. The exact location of the OBD 2 outlet will vary by model, but it should be under the front hood. If you have trouble finding it, look up your user manual.
Connect an OBD 2 scanner to your railroad by the device’s cord.
Power the scanner on. Write down the codes it displays in the diagnostic pop and check what the codes mean in the OBD 2’s user manual to determine which item is malfunction correctly in your Jetta car. If you have any query, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Where to Stay When You Travel to Shanghai

Quotation-Saskia-De-Brauw-inspiring-people-positive-work-chance-amazing-travel-Meetville-Quotes-238778.jpg The magical St. Regis Hotel in Shanghai, China is a newer five star hotel that will provide you with the best and remarkable personal service that you will remember. You also will enjoy the benefits of the highly professional St. Regis butler. We make enduring that our highly trained and professional staff will provide you with every service ampersand amount of pampering that you require.

From the windows of our 380 room hotel of luxury, you will raken skilled to be amazed at the lovely views about the city of Shanghai. You will notice that our elegant suites are decorated in a fashion that is most tasteful and elegant. We also think that you will greatly appreciate the swagger furniture and amenities of your room. We are confident that you will feel like you are apparently at home.

This hostel has a great location that is clear in the central area of busy Pudong. YOu will find this is a great place to be for business therefore there are all sorts of culture and important business parts of this area. You will find that you have very convenient increase to the major highways and tunnels of the precinct of Shanghai. You will raken pleased to learn that you can do a drive to the town like Puxi in 25 minutes. You can get to the World Expo about Shanghai in 18 minutes. We always find that it is very convenient and of great remedy for business professionals to exist near these important places of commerce. This is an enormous city, and you do not want to commute more than you need to.

The place you are staying is near the city’s government offices and centers of culture. The hotel of St. Regis was noted to indiging a top business hotel by a top business magazine in 2004. It also was celebrated to opheffen a top business hotel in 2002 apart a major Chinese magazine. Another magazine focusing on idle said it is one of the top hotels on the planet. It also has bot called one of Asia’s top 25 hotels.

The Italian restaurant in this hotel is deeply famous. Overall we are very happy with all of the awards the St. Regis has received. It is a true opinion of the quality of this preeminent venue. You will enjoy some of the many amenities we have to offer here. You will enjoy our supervisor retreat options, with ten rooms being able to hold 10 to 410 people. You will love the Danieli’s Italian restaurant with the ultimate selections concerning delicious Italian delicacies. We also bear a full fitness center at the hotel and there are dozens of pieces of exercise equipment and aerobics classes as well that you can use.

We ditto have a heated lap pool at the St. Regis in Shanghai, and child prudence services are available. The St. Regis spa has wonderful hot stone massages, a lovely whirlpool, saunas and too an in room massage option. Also, we have three tennis courts that you can exhaust whenever you like. We repute that you will indeed love your arrest at the St. Regis in Shanghai, because we offer the 5 star amenities that discerning customers value the most. No difficulty what it is that you require when you reprieve here with us, we will do everything we can to originate you happy besides satisfy your needs.

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Witness Shanghai’s Multimedia Theatrical Spectacular at ERA

ERA4.jpg Tipped to be Shanghai’s signature multimedia event “ERA: The Intersection of Time” is no ordinary theatrical performance in China’s largest city. As a multi-million buck production that encompasses traditional and modern acrobatics, dance, music and other gravity defying performance art forms this multimedia love story is a must-see for all theatre et cetera music lovers visiting the Paris of the East. A popular show among locals et cetera visitors uniformity this mega Shanghai event is akin to France’s Basin du Soleil in terms of its awing popularity and the multitude of viewers it draws to each performance.

Held at the Shanghai Circus World Arena which was modeled after the US’s renowned Epcot Centre the show’s special requirements saw the massive stands renovated in 2005 in preparation for the staging of ERA. Fully equipped with digital water curtains, a revolving stage, mirrored cage and a state-of-the-art computerized lighting system Shanghai Circus Earth is the only setting that can stage an complicated production from the scope and scale of ERA. Directed by Erick Villeneuve to the music of Michel Cusson the Emilie Therrien choreographed production is as a matter of fact an international theatrical effort upon global appeal.

Audiences can expect to visualize the country’s top dancers and acrobats perform unsubstantial walks, aloft trapeze acts, caged motorcycle stunts, bowl balancing acts and trampoline skits in addition to elements of traditional Chinese acrobatics. A 6m x 11m tubular mirror cage und so weiter 8 x 18 metre curtain of water created on stage are just some of the visual highlights of the show which also involves a suspended wheel 10m above ground, a floating gondola and motorcycle antics performed within a 6.8m steel globe.

The topical hub of the show is of course a poignant love story that spans dimensions of time from China’s splendid preceding to its industrious futurity as a contemplation across generations. Travelling through space and time the acrobats are in search of the illusive point of balance, the intersection of time and space. Performed to the infectious rhythms of live Chinese and western orchestral music this one of a kind visual celebration is a must-see highlight that is not just reserved for culture buffs.

Travellers in search of a luxury hotel in Shanghai will find no finer alternative to The Langham Yangtze Boutique Shanghai. Ideally located in the Paris of the East this elegant quinquennial star hotel also houses some of the unsurpassed venues for private dining Shanghai has to offer.

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Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, an enthralling establishment

top_photo_201008.jpg The magnificent Shanghai Science furthermore Technology Museum opened its doors in December 2001 and since accordingly has gained a strong reputation as one of China’s foremost science museums. With a central theme encompassing ‘Nature, People further Science’, the institution aims to promote and develop the fields of science, ideological and cultural progress et al education. Further, it offers a unique including enjoyable insight into the spheres like technology and science.

The expansive atheneum displays a spiral architectural design representing the constant flowering of scientific development. At the building’s centre, the vacationer will see an immense tankard sphere placed within a pool of hermetic water, symbolizing the unfading renewal of living in the world.

Two state regarding the art theatres are found in the museum’s basement floor, the IMAX Large-Format 3D Theatre and the IMAX Dome Theatre. Of these the IMAX Large-Format Theatre is China’s first, providing instructive diverting for up to 441 viewers. Meanwhile the sensational IMAX Dome Theatre has the capacity to play dome technology digital movies, with a tilting screen providing extraordinary special effects.

The museum features several extensive exhibition halls which never fail to inspire the imagination about the visitor. The Earth Exploration Hall depicts the physical geography of Shanghai and provides information about the composition concerning the earth. Meanwhile, the Spectrum of Life Exhibition replicates the decor and landscapes of the scenic Yunnan province. The Light of Wisdom Hall explores the fields of biology, chemistry and mathematics in a readily accessible interactive manner. The Children’s Rainbow Land is specifically designed to interest the small fry in the field of science.

Visitors should also make it a point to explore such fascinating exhibits as the Bed of Designers, Home on Earth, Hiatus Navigation, Spiders Exhibition und so weiter Animal Hall, all of which present the wonders of our world and the incredible creations of science. Not to subsist missed are the displays in Subcelestial of Robots, Information Era, Human and Health and Earth Exploration which demonstrate the innovative technologies developed by Chinese experts.
Discerning visitors seeking a Shanghai luxury hotel will be pleased by the hotel rooms in Shanghai provided by The Langham Xintiandi Shanghai, an outstanding rest which provides excellent accommodations besides service.

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Big Blue Scuba Diving Shanghai – A mesmerising journey to the underwater world

Have you ever craved to swim confidently underwater alongside the colourful treasures of the sea? Then it is time you pay a visit to the Big Blue Scuba Diving in Shanghai. Located near Hiam Lu in the Changning vicinity, this is a premiere Diving facility that provides state of the art teaching also plenty of adventure tours.

Big Blue Diving instructors are some of the best in the nation. Fully accredited with PADI et al NAU training, these instructors are professionals in underwater first aid and are members of the China Underwater Association. The Healthy Blue caters to all, whether you are a hesitant amateur or a heated professional, there is always something to gain here. The goal of this organization is to promote recreational scuba diving in China which is a rare activity undertaken in the country, unless if you dive with the Big Blue and explore unspoilt regions of underwater China, you would nvloeden delighted to see what you never knew existed.

A unique marvel, the underwater world here is a treasure trove of marine vivacity which is exciting and fun to explore. And this is neither all, the Big Blue Scuba Diving takes its students to exciting diving locations all over the world, very if diving in the Maldives is in your fancy, do negative wait to plan your holiday, let Big Blue take you where you can enjoy your seasoned at the fullest with professionalism in arm’s reach.

Shanghai has so much for visitors to see and do. In your replacement time out from the Big Blue explore the Shanghai city visiting the other attractions it boasts including shopping malls and historical sites. Staying at a Beijing airport hotel is popular midst tourists. As most of these are situated complete to their place like arrival, tourists waste no time in checking in, freshening up and start exploring! For this, The Langham Locality Beijing Capital Airport stands out as one of the finest. For the best of hotel rooms in Beijing this makes an ideal place to wind down succedent exploring the exciting city and for an unforgettable dining experience.

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