The Volkswagen Golf For £8000 OTR

tabla-r321.jpg I was looking for a neoterism car to replace my old Nissan Micra and had had several friends recommend the Volkswagen Golf to me. I live in London and have a very obsessed agenda what with my college educations. I needed a car quite soon so wanted to purchase one from somewhere in the local area near where I lived. I wanted one that was relatively but not species new as I didn’t want to pay the extortionate price tag that comes alongside many new vehicles.

I went online and searched for Volkswagen Golf London to see what was available to me in the native area. I came across many but was particularly impressed with a blue one I saw on a local dealership’s website. It was a 1.6 FSI and had five doors.

It was a 06 reg and had only done 30,000 miles. I was tremendously charmed to find it was up for sale at 8000 and I went into the dealership that advertised it to investigate about a few things.

It has a bhp of 113 and it gets an average of 42miles per gallon which isn’t that renown but on the unhurt I find to be perfectly reputable for a car of its type. Its Co2 emissions are 161 g/km which I was pleased about as I found it to be reasonable for a vehicle of its type and I am very conscious connective aware from the effect my cars have on the environment. It does 0-60 in 10.5 seconds and is perfect for getting me places I need to be. It has a top speed concerning 119 miles per hour which is plenty for me.

I bought the car and have had it for coming up twelve months now. I have been very pleased with its reliability.

Overall I have been very pleased with the premium for money with this car and would recommend it to anyone thinking from purchasing a Volkswagen Golf in London.


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