Tips to reset OBD check engine light of a Volkswagen Jetta

tdisline_743.jpg If your Volkswagen Jetta begins experiencing problem, you don’t need to take it to a car repair service for a diagnosis. The A3, A4 and A5 Volkswagen Jetta models have an electronic system called OBD that automatically checks for whatever errors in the car. But, so as to utilize this system, you discretion need the correct equipment, either a computer or scanner, to determine if your Jetta is refusal functioning correctly.
You’ll need Computer, VCDS cord, VCDS computer software, OBD 2 scanner, VCDS for this job.
Check if you’re Volkswagen Jetta has an onboard diagnostic (OBD) system that is harmony with the Volkswagen Car Diagnostic System (VCDS). Referring to Ross-Tech, a diagnostic software manufacturer for European automobiles, “VCDS will work with most Volkswagen and Audi models sold all over the world 1994 through 2010.”
Run the VCDS software on your computer. VCDS software only works on computers running Windows system and that have serial or USB outlets.
Find away the VCDS cord outlet on your Volkswagen Jetta. The punctilious location discipline defer from models, but it should be under the front hood. If you have trouble finding it, look up your user manual.
Follow the program instructions to susceptible a coded report on your car’s diagnostics system. Check what the codes mean in the program’s user manual to check what the problem with your Jetta is.

Find out the on-board diagnostic (OBD) outlet on your Jetta. The OBD 2 system has been mounted in entire model of Jetta since 1996 — previous models used the OBD I system. The exact location of the OBD 2 outlet will vary by model, but it should be under the front hood. If you have trouble finding it, look up your user manual.
Connect an OBD 2 scanner to your railroad by the device’s cord.
Power the scanner on. Write down the codes it displays in the diagnostic pop and check what the codes mean in the OBD 2’s user manual to determine which item is malfunction correctly in your Jetta car. If you have any query, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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