Volkswagen Fox London – A Great First Car

VW-fox-new.jpg I was looking for a first auto ampersand had a friend recommend the Volkswagen Fox to me. I live in London and am very busy with my university studies and needed a car quickly so wanted to purchase one from somewhere in the vicinity are close where I lived. I was not willing to pay for one new like I am on a budget as notoriously as most university students are.

I went onto the internet and searched for Volkswagen Fox in London to see what was on offer to me. I came across a brevity but was particularly taken with a Silver one I saw on a used car dealership’s website. It was a 1.2, and has three doors.

It was a 60 reg and had only done 5,000 miles. I was incredibly pleased to bring to light it was up for demand at 7000 and I went into the dealership to enquire about a few things.

Its bhp is 59 and it gets an average of 36 miles to gallon which isn’t great but I found to exist acceptable. Its Co2 emissions are 136 g/km. It does 0-60 in 16.9 seconds and is perfect for getting me from A to B.

I bought the car et alii have had it for miscellaneous months now. I have been very pleased with its reliability and the insurance isn’t too bad for a me for a car of its type either.

I would not hesitate to buy one again or recommend it to a friend. It’s compact, stylish and is still the perfect size for the long journeys back up to ascertain my family in the holidays in Liverpool where they live. It even has plenty of room for my packing! Even the thruster is very quiet!

Overall I have been authentic pleased with the value for money with this car.


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