Volkswagen Servicing Glasgow

audi-a1-quattro-dec11.jpg Audi Technik Centre is widely known as among the premiere in Volkswagen servicing Glasgow. We are a entirely uncontrolled garage who employs technicians who are trained to the very highest standards and we believe that our standards are second to none!

Audi Technik Centre is owned and run alongside William Connolly himself a master technician within the Volkswagen group of vehicles with a career spanning more than 20 years he is therefore passionate today as he was in the beginning and is determined that every customer will return time and time again. At Audi Technik we make sure your automobile is maintained to the highest level possible at all times. We also have a wide range of services and offer the best in car tuning Glasgow. We want to make sure you are getting the best public of your vehicle.

William Connolly saw a niche in the market; he wanted to provide the service and quality often offered in dealerships just at the local garage prices. The ethos remains the same, to provide the best car servicing and repair possible combining the top level of communication whilst employing the highest standards of duty and using the best quality parts.

For these reasons while well as many more Audi Technik Centre are renowned for their quality workmanship and are placed among the best in Audi, Seat and Volkswagen servicing Glasgow. We are also the experts in car tuning Glasgow specialising in diagnostics and tuning your cars’ engine to increase the power output, prudence and durability.

In 2002 the EEC revised its regulations allowing customers the choice of where to have their vehicles serviced. Audi Technik Centre only use original parts ensuring your manufacturers warranty is upheld for warranty purposes.

Our friendly, professional staff will provide you with completely sovereignty advice and guidance, contact the experts online at or on 0141 772 7666 for everything from Volkswagen servicing Glasgow to car tuning Glasgow. Audi Technik Centre should be your first port of call, to get the Panglossian from your vehicle!


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