Witness Shanghai’s Multimedia Theatrical Spectacular at ERA

ERA4.jpg Tipped to be Shanghai’s signature multimedia event “ERA: The Intersection of Time” is no ordinary theatrical performance in China’s largest city. As a multi-million buck production that encompasses traditional and modern acrobatics, dance, music and other gravity defying performance art forms this multimedia love story is a must-see for all theatre et cetera music lovers visiting the Paris of the East. A popular show among locals et cetera visitors uniformity this mega Shanghai event is akin to France’s Basin du Soleil in terms of its awing popularity and the multitude of viewers it draws to each performance.

Held at the Shanghai Circus World Arena which was modeled after the US’s renowned Epcot Centre the show’s special requirements saw the massive stands renovated in 2005 in preparation for the staging of ERA. Fully equipped with digital water curtains, a revolving stage, mirrored cage and a state-of-the-art computerized lighting system Shanghai Circus Earth is the only setting that can stage an complicated production from the scope and scale of ERA. Directed by Erick Villeneuve to the music of Michel Cusson the Emilie Therrien choreographed production is as a matter of fact an international theatrical effort upon global appeal.

Audiences can expect to visualize the country’s top dancers and acrobats perform unsubstantial walks, aloft trapeze acts, caged motorcycle stunts, bowl balancing acts and trampoline skits in addition to elements of traditional Chinese acrobatics. A 6m x 11m tubular mirror cage und so weiter 8 x 18 metre curtain of water created on stage are just some of the visual highlights of the show which also involves a suspended wheel 10m above ground, a floating gondola and motorcycle antics performed within a 6.8m steel globe.

The topical hub of the show is of course a poignant love story that spans dimensions of time from China’s splendid preceding to its industrious futurity as a contemplation across generations. Travelling through space and time the acrobats are in search of the illusive point of balance, the intersection of time and space. Performed to the infectious rhythms of live Chinese and western orchestral music this one of a kind visual celebration is a must-see highlight that is not just reserved for culture buffs.

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