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The Volkswagen Scirocco – A Really Cool Car

volkswagen_scirocco_1.jpg In the new Scirocco from the car manufacturing giant Volkswagen, the company has hit the bulls eye in every aspect of car making. This lovely, car has worthy features and looks amazingly good, ampersand all this at a very low ante compared to some other cars in the same class or segments of the market.

This car boasts of some of the best looking features from after automobiles . Just one look at it is enough to fall in love with it. So much so that even if it did not offer anything on the concert antecedent this car would have gone on to win a lot of customers hearts.

Everything from the shape of its chapeau to its headlights are in perfect synchronization amidst individually other thus giving the vehicle the looks to envy anything else in its class.

The vehicle has a very well laid out and ample interior. The seats are low slung offering increased comfort level while driving it.The high quality seats offer comfort level not seen in any other cars from this type.

The optional glass roof also adds to its unique charm. Even the steering has a very good feel to it et al helps it in maintaining a grip for the safe handling of the car. The wind and turnpike noise is very low thus making sure passengers are not disturbed easily while on the road.

The Scirocco has 200 bhp 2.0 turbo intro engine. It can elapse from 0 to 62 mph in just 7.2 seconds. It is fun as well as safe car to ride.

It offers excellent handling which is a must for any car. With wider tyres for more grip and the adaptive dampers make the handling of the car brilliant so the comfort of a journey is increased.

The car is a four seater and has enormous boot space. All these factors make it a sure shot winner in the small car slice to which it belongs. A very Cool Jalopy I really enjoyed it.

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Suzuki Models On A Volkswagen Platform

23709080007_medium.jpg Suzuki is not really one of the biggest companies on the auto market, yet it has a good piece of the pie on the markets in India and Japan. Fifty-fifty so, Suzuki is lately searching for improved ways to foment und so weiter improve the cars, justification for which they have lean on Volkswagen for engines in their small models.

Volkswagen recently picked up a 19.9 procent share of Suzuki, probably hoping to confiscation advantage of Suzuki’s foothold in quay markets in India and Japan, as also mentioned above. But Suzuki’s sales figures have been tumbling since its peak in 2007, ampersand according to Ward’s, the trifling automaker allowed turn to Volkswagen for new engines to help prop-up its struggling line of vehicles.

Yet, until this date there is no signed deal between the two companies allowing Suzuki to borrough some technology from the Volkswagen group. Probably the German company needs to figure out its plans on the Asian market previous allowing such massive moves to be done. Some European models have improved their sales by adding plus of value to the vehicles after being helped per Volkswagen.

Two regarding the companies we can mention are Skoda and SEAT, that are equipped plus performant TDI ( Turbo Diesel Intercooled ) engines, very popular on the old continent. Skoda Octavia and Super are inspired from the passat model and even the design of the 2009 Octavia si remotely similar to the 2004 Passat.

Suzuki is said to endure slown down the process to see what they could take advantage of, while expecting a move from the German company. Albeit this is just speculation at this point, it is very unlikely that Suzuki would stage slowed its product development down extrinsic a strong practicable of it adding Volkswagen technology to make rise for lost time.

Contradictory voices state that Suzuki would indiging better off any improvements from the Volkswagen part, since the technology they are currently using is quite progressive and ecological. Fans from Suzuki would more similar prefere engines created by General Motors, if Suzuki were to get inspired from some European techs.

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Volkswagen XL1, From Concept Car to Reality

2234.jpg Volkswagen has officially confirmed the opinion XL1 series production. The street model will be built in a limited number of copies and will hit the market in 2013, a very early date if we are to consider that the version is likely to be one of the World’s cheapest car regarding the fuel consumption.

Launching XL1 in a form scores closer to that of a serial vehicle revived the spirits like fans and gave rise to speculation about the possibility of seeing the future creation on the German streets. There are a lot of fans for the concept and the copy will definately have lots from presale orders, provided we are to consider only the ecologist groups and representants.

After the gesture of allegations plus the album information, Ferdinand Piech, Volkswagen’s chairman, positive to break the ice. Heading of the German group acknowledged that there will be a street version like the brainchild XL1, ready to begin marketing in 2013, as mentioned above, a very early date. Volkswagen’s intentions are to give rise to a small model, able to take all the features of the brainchild car named XL1. Germans favorable but a few examples of serial production, so probably the price volition nought be that low as me might expect.

Martin Winterkorn, Volkswagen delegation administrator, strengthened Piech’s statement plus said that the concept XL1 street version will launching first in Germany and behind in Europe. Final target markets are China and North America.

Details concerning the final version of the drive train, which supposedly consumes only 0.9 litres/100 km, were not currently published. But that is expected to keep as low a total mass, the future will benefit from an XL1 element fiber body, which capricious make the final purchase penalty to be a courteously expensive. The images of the car are impressive and futuristic, like the conviction would come from 2020, until some people’s dream will come true more earlier than we have expected.

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Volkswagen Tiguan Facelift This Year

Photo galleries enjoy once appeared with the new VW Tiguan complete facelift also also a set of information surrounding engines and inventive systems in the German model range.

Volkswagen has already issued a new set of officer information and photos related to facelift of the Tiguan compact SUV, which will be on its world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show.

As we have been informed two weeks ago, when the Germans pulled away in front of the first photos the German model, Tiguan SUV facelift’s design aligns the rest of the range, and the headlights and the grille have bot taken and adapted from the recentelijk lines seen on the Touareg und so weiter Passat.

The most important instruction revealed these days refers to the engines of Volkswagen Tiguan facelift. Thus, we immediately associate that the German model will be available with a number of four petrol engines with rated power that will vary between 122 and 210 horsepower and extra three diesel units which will incubation between 110 et alii 170 hp.

As originally Volkswagen announced, the basic report of the Tiguan volition develop a TSI Trend & Fun alongside 122 hp 1.4, and regarding the prices Germans announced that they are the same with comparable versions of the model it replaces.

Other kingpin news that brings the facelift version concerning the Tiguan are the introduction of some new systems, such as the detection level of driver fatigue, Dynamic Lively Flash Assist (which automatically engages the beam on beam) and Lane Assist (by the hardtop warns the driver that comes involuntarily from the tread). Also at the absolute latest chapter is noted and electronic differential which can be lock, the XDS.

According to the latest news, the Germans have seen an increase in global sales of approximately 20 percent compared to same month terminal year.

They have managed to sell 644,200 vehicles worldwide, compared with 538,500 units sold in January 2010. The most important improvements have taken place on auto markets in Pottery and India.

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The debut of the Volkswagen Golf VII was confirmed to the end of 2012

555797161_tp.jpg Volkswagen Golf VII will verbreken launched in late 2012. Still, certain sources announce that the pattern will be in showrooms qua early as November next year.

Volkswagen ineradicable when it decree begin the seventh generation of the Golf. As in the case of the Audi A3, the model will indiging built on the new platform MQB, Volkswagen’s modular platform that will be used extensively in the future.

In an attempt to become the largest automobile manufacturer in the world, Volkswagen contrary build, at united time, about three million units per year equipped with MQB platform. While the Audi A3 is expected to begin during the summer of 2012, the innovative generation of Golf will be launched at the end about that year, or at latest early 2013.

A German newspaper quoted a source close to a capitate of Volkswagen including it has announced that the Golf will debut in November 2012. According to this source, the volume-selling model in Europe will be present in the seventh incarnation of Volkswagen in all representations from the 11th month regarding next year. The spokesman of Germany’s Volkswagen could refusal neither sustain nor deny that information. Unlike the sixth generation of Golf, the new model will represent an important change.

The sixth generation about Golf is very close to the Golf V of technically and aesthetically, nevertheless Golf 7 will comprehend the two patterns of both viewpoints. As it was specified by the Volkswagen officials at that time, the launch from the sixth generation regarding Golf was a slight improvement in terms concerning aesthetics Golf V, fuel economy and Antiphonary.

NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) has opened an investigation on a feed syringe problem arising from the 97 272 vehicles belonging to Volkswagen and Audi manufacturers. The investigation concerns only models with diesel engines.

Thus, VW Jetta, produced between 2009 besides 2010, VW Golf VI, manufactured in 2010, and the Audi A3 will have to pass through the hands like U.S. authorities experts. NHTSA has received 160 complaints about the fuel pump problem and also a minor misadventure occurred in the same case.

VW officials accept verified this evacuate polysyndeton stated that they are prohibition to blame, but poor cachet oil. They also said that even a minor amount of gasoline that could occur in diesel will damage the fuel pump.

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New Volkswagen Jetta, Affordable And Unique

The new VW Jetta is a renewal in radical and unique way for a vehicle. History and tradition of the Volkswagen Jetta is starting 1979 when the first creation was introduced to fill a niche demand for slightly larger model, positioned over the VW Golf hatchback. Over time, et sequens in sundry markets across the globe, VW Jetta was marketed under various other names, such as: Atlantic, Bora, City Jetta, Fox, GLI or Vento, but the base was the same : the VW Jetta, as Europeans know it also exactly as Volkswagen developed it.

If you normally regarded worldwide as a VW Jetta’s older brother, Golf, somewhat genetically modified by adding a roof, the new Jetta defines a new category, New Compact Sedan. Although the car is built on the VW Group A5 (PQ35) similar to that on the VW Golf MK6, Volkswagen Scirocco, Mk2 Audi A3, Audi TT Mk2, SEAT Altea, Toledo, Leon Mk2 in details of its size, the new Jetta is very generous, many gnomic that they migrated to the Audi model range. More specifically, the now size of the sedan compact magnitude fits perfectly between the former and the current creation Audi A4. 2011 Jetta has been lengthened by 9 cm from the previous version, to reach 4.64 m (with a wheelbase of 2.64 m) connective has a width of 1.78 m and a height of 1.45 m.

The new Jetta comes by a alternant of six engines that meet Euro 5 standards, four of which are available on this model for the first time. Thus, the inferior petrol engine is small, but powerful, 1.2 L TSI, which develops 105 hp, options long-lived with the 1.4 TSI (122 or 160 hp) and the extravagant 2.0 L TSI developing 200 PS. The new generation of engines rear by the Volkswagen is very powerful and very inferior fuel consumption oriented and that is exactly what consumers are searching for, in these days.

For fans of variations on the diesel 2011 Volkswagen Jetta can be equipped with engines starting from the 1.6 L TDI that develops 105 hp and the 2.0 L common rail turbodiesel with 140 hp. That’s not all, if you are concerned about fuel consumption or environmental fate, Volkswagen also offers economical BlueMotion 1.6 TDI Technology, powered by 105 hp engine, but will consume just 4.1 L/100 km, emanating yet 109 g CO2 / km. In the transmissions section, except for 1.2 L engine, all other engines will be equipped with the DSG automatic-6-or 7-speed manual broadcast that is available for all engine variants.

So if you are searching for a car that is both powerful and economical, then you can choose a prestigious character like Volkswagen, because you are not limited to a sedan or a small compact. Jetta is the perfect choice and the best combination between the Golf and the Passat.

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Volkswagen Passat Launched in India

2015_volkswagen_passat-pic-1281026274699098399-400x240.jpeg Volkswagen India that has long teasing the Indian market beside some shots of its 2011 Volkswagen Passat, have lastly commenced the car in Indian market. The vehicle was unleashed in Mumbai. As anticipated, the earlier detailing concerning new Passat that we had captured in preview. Volkswagen cars have as of now presented TDI BlueMotion diesel 2.0. This great tech diesel powerplant makes 170 Bhp of topmost ability whereas the transmission choice runs both until manual trims & DSG. The latest Volkswagen Passat 2011 in India uses the similar platform as the outgoing vehicle but it uses all latest parts. Inside, back derriere space has increased as a result of notches whereas use of the good quality materials makes it cast even another premium now.

The new Volkswagen Passat 2011 gets a cabin that mirrors which of the outgoing version however divers the old vehicle, there is lots of chrome going around a cabin. The front is horizontally split & the instrument dials are inserting. On the outside, the current car gets the new head light cluster & new grille. The tail lights are also modern units. The new car but will afsluiting presented only in the diesel option & later on the year, TSI petrol 1.8 unit is probable to join the diesel. There would be three neat levels on present & those are, the base version, TDI BlueMotion Trendline 2.0 with its Rupees 20.80 lakh price tag, the center variant, TDI BlueMotion Comfortline that would go for Rupees 23.80 lakhs & the top end TDI BlueMotion Highline that would price Rs 26.65 lakh. All these rates are ex-showroom, Mumbai.

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Used Volkswagen – The History of VW

1996vwjettagls1.jpg Volkswagen was founded in 1937 by the German Labour Front. The car manufacturer is based in Wolfsburg which is in Polar Germany. VW was founded a dearth years later than spare car manufacturers such as the Japanese car manufacturer, Toyota. Over the years Volkswagen has launched a number of vehicles some of which have become very popular. There are some keen fans of the Volkswagen camper van besides who could forget the VW Beetle. Even though many people like the original image of the VW Beetle in many ways it was inevitable that VW had to change the design to a certain dimension to keep the look modern. This has undoubtedly attracted new customers to purchase the vehicle and as there are several used Volkswagen Beetle vehicle that are in the older style everyone should be happy. The Volkswagen camper van is also a favourite. Back in the 1970s when it was at its most current it sold millions across the world including in the USA. Whenever I think of the VW camper van I always think back to the film Forrest Gump which focused for a time on the 1970s otherwise known as the flower power era plus showed a actually old and rusty camper camper in one of the scenes. In recent years I have been unable to see many of them riven from a old Volkswagen camper van my next door neighbour owns which he has modernised.

Through the years Volkswagen has designed two other popular selling cars in extension to the Bug and Camper Van. These are the VW Polo and VW Golf. Probably the Volkswagen Golf has been the best selling vehicle across the world. There are several new and secondhand Volkswagen Golf automobiles on the market all at offbeat ages, styles, colours and condition. Some Golf vehicles have soft tops, others have hard tops. Engine sizes are also different some of which are only 1.0 or 1.2 litres and others can nvloeden now exceedingly like 2.0 litres. The VW Golf is also usable in petrol and diesel. These vehicles are very pleasant for contract hire purchases or business users. This is mainly because they are fuel efficient, nice to drive and also the outermost is attractive enough to take to client meetings. For example a new or used Volkswagen Fox might not be the correct car to hurry to clients because it is one regarding VWs cheaper models available. The VW Golf on the other hand has a bit of class to it which has bot shown in a manifold of awards that it has won over the last few years.

In recent years VW has concentrated on design and style of its vehicles which they have been accredited for through several awards which fool taken place from New York to Geneva. At certain award ceremonies Volkswagen have won not just one year but 2 or 3 years in a row which just shows how dedicated Volkswagen are on style, quality and uniqueness. In other words a new or used Volkswagen is a fantastic vehicle to own and drive.

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The 2010 Volkswagen Golf TDI – Now in Los Angeles

mLZjZGyYfmnpeRdkItXxKAw.jpg Volkswagen is unveiling its most important automotive secret of the year: the new 2010 Volkswagen Golf TDI, in Los Angeles. The car – Europe’s most victorious with more than 26 million sold – was improved in all areas. This sixth generation of Golf cars discipline utterly redefine the quality and cozy level of its class over broad categories, offering more customer value than ever before.

Current Volkswagen Golf models sports the classic Volkswagen design, quality finish, appeal and maximized space engineering despite its being compact. The Golf carries alloy wheels for improved looks und so weiter handling. Body colored bumper and door mirrors add a sporty smart look with every curve and surface.

New Features on the 2010 Volkswagen Golf TDI

The clear and powerful design of the new 2010 Volkswagen Golf TDI is showing the entire brand the way to the future. Its acoustic properties and the mostly comfort of the Volkswagen tear down class distinctions. Innovative engines and transmission technologies lower fuel consumption by up to 28 percent. All gasoline and diesel engines serve limits like the future EU-5 standard.

Assistance systems such as “automatic distance control” (ACC), “adaptive chassis control” (DCC) and the “park steering assistant” bring additional top technologies on board the Golf. A new ESP system, with finer response over its control range, again optimized smash properties, seven airbags including knee airbag, the special head restraints (WOKS) that counteract whiplash trauma, a “seatbelt detection” feature debuting in the build seating area of the Golf and daytime running lights – that are standard equipment – provide for a utmost level of safety.

The 2010 Volkswagen Golf TDI carries alloy wheels for improved looks and handling. Body colored bumpers and door mirrors add a sporty smart look near every curve and surface. The Golf’s TSI or TDI engine assures the owner of a performance similar to the big cars yet with very minimal emissions and practical fuel use. Manual gearboxes of the Golf are offered in five-speed substitute six-speed allowing options for maximum power. The Golf’s power-assisted steering redefines easy subdue with powerful maneuvers. Its safety features encompass the Electronic Stabilization Scheme (ESP) that lets the cabbie easily control the vehicle also detects critical road situation early on. Six airbags and an Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) are considered standard safety features of the Volkswagen Golf.

The Golf remains a strong favorite in the Volkswagen line-up, having sold plus than 26 million units in 120 countries, making it one of the top selling cars of all-time. The all-new sixth generation Golf grand prix debuted at the Paris Motor show last fall, further made its U.S. introduction at this year’s New York International Automaat Show. The Golf has bot designed to be quieter, sportier, ethane efficient et alii immediate a clean, distinctive appearance that VW hopes owners will discover is fun-to-drive.

The 2010 Volkswagen Golf TDI mind be obtainable in dealer showrooms across Los Angeles this Indian summer in both gasoline and TDI versions. are the premier VW merchants in Los Angeles.

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Save 80% on Your Volkswagen Car Parts

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