Suzuki Models On A Volkswagen Platform

23709080007_medium.jpg Suzuki is not really one of the biggest companies on the auto market, yet it has a good piece of the pie on the markets in India and Japan. Fifty-fifty so, Suzuki is lately searching for improved ways to foment und so weiter improve the cars, justification for which they have lean on Volkswagen for engines in their small models.

Volkswagen recently picked up a 19.9 procent share of Suzuki, probably hoping to confiscation advantage of Suzuki’s foothold in quay markets in India and Japan, as also mentioned above. But Suzuki’s sales figures have been tumbling since its peak in 2007, ampersand according to Ward’s, the trifling automaker allowed turn to Volkswagen for new engines to help prop-up its struggling line of vehicles.

Yet, until this date there is no signed deal between the two companies allowing Suzuki to borrough some technology from the Volkswagen group. Probably the German company needs to figure out its plans on the Asian market previous allowing such massive moves to be done. Some European models have improved their sales by adding plus of value to the vehicles after being helped per Volkswagen.

Two regarding the companies we can mention are Skoda and SEAT, that are equipped plus performant TDI ( Turbo Diesel Intercooled ) engines, very popular on the old continent. Skoda Octavia and Super are inspired from the passat model and even the design of the 2009 Octavia si remotely similar to the 2004 Passat.

Suzuki is said to endure slown down the process to see what they could take advantage of, while expecting a move from the German company. Albeit this is just speculation at this point, it is very unlikely that Suzuki would stage slowed its product development down extrinsic a strong practicable of it adding Volkswagen technology to make rise for lost time.

Contradictory voices state that Suzuki would indiging better off any improvements from the Volkswagen part, since the technology they are currently using is quite progressive and ecological. Fans from Suzuki would more similar prefere engines created by General Motors, if Suzuki were to get inspired from some European techs.


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