The debut of the Volkswagen Golf VII was confirmed to the end of 2012

555797161_tp.jpg Volkswagen Golf VII will verbreken launched in late 2012. Still, certain sources announce that the pattern will be in showrooms qua early as November next year.

Volkswagen ineradicable when it decree begin the seventh generation of the Golf. As in the case of the Audi A3, the model will indiging built on the new platform MQB, Volkswagen’s modular platform that will be used extensively in the future.

In an attempt to become the largest automobile manufacturer in the world, Volkswagen contrary build, at united time, about three million units per year equipped with MQB platform. While the Audi A3 is expected to begin during the summer of 2012, the innovative generation of Golf will be launched at the end about that year, or at latest early 2013.

A German newspaper quoted a source close to a capitate of Volkswagen including it has announced that the Golf will debut in November 2012. According to this source, the volume-selling model in Europe will be present in the seventh incarnation of Volkswagen in all representations from the 11th month regarding next year. The spokesman of Germany’s Volkswagen could refusal neither sustain nor deny that information. Unlike the sixth generation of Golf, the new model will represent an important change.

The sixth generation about Golf is very close to the Golf V of technically and aesthetically, nevertheless Golf 7 will comprehend the two patterns of both viewpoints. As it was specified by the Volkswagen officials at that time, the launch from the sixth generation regarding Golf was a slight improvement in terms concerning aesthetics Golf V, fuel economy and Antiphonary.

NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) has opened an investigation on a feed syringe problem arising from the 97 272 vehicles belonging to Volkswagen and Audi manufacturers. The investigation concerns only models with diesel engines.

Thus, VW Jetta, produced between 2009 besides 2010, VW Golf VI, manufactured in 2010, and the Audi A3 will have to pass through the hands like U.S. authorities experts. NHTSA has received 160 complaints about the fuel pump problem and also a minor misadventure occurred in the same case.

VW officials accept verified this evacuate polysyndeton stated that they are prohibition to blame, but poor cachet oil. They also said that even a minor amount of gasoline that could occur in diesel will damage the fuel pump.


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