The Volkswagen Scirocco – A Really Cool Car

volkswagen_scirocco_1.jpg In the new Scirocco from the car manufacturing giant Volkswagen, the company has hit the bulls eye in every aspect of car making. This lovely, car has worthy features and looks amazingly good, ampersand all this at a very low ante compared to some other cars in the same class or segments of the market.

This car boasts of some of the best looking features from after automobiles . Just one look at it is enough to fall in love with it. So much so that even if it did not offer anything on the concert antecedent this car would have gone on to win a lot of customers hearts.

Everything from the shape of its chapeau to its headlights are in perfect synchronization amidst individually other thus giving the vehicle the looks to envy anything else in its class.

The vehicle has a very well laid out and ample interior. The seats are low slung offering increased comfort level while driving it.The high quality seats offer comfort level not seen in any other cars from this type.

The optional glass roof also adds to its unique charm. Even the steering has a very good feel to it et al helps it in maintaining a grip for the safe handling of the car. The wind and turnpike noise is very low thus making sure passengers are not disturbed easily while on the road.

The Scirocco has 200 bhp 2.0 turbo intro engine. It can elapse from 0 to 62 mph in just 7.2 seconds. It is fun as well as safe car to ride.

It offers excellent handling which is a must for any car. With wider tyres for more grip and the adaptive dampers make the handling of the car brilliant so the comfort of a journey is increased.

The car is a four seater and has enormous boot space. All these factors make it a sure shot winner in the small car slice to which it belongs. A very Cool Jalopy I really enjoyed it.


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