Used Volkswagen – The History of VW

1996vwjettagls1.jpg Volkswagen was founded in 1937 by the German Labour Front. The car manufacturer is based in Wolfsburg which is in Polar Germany. VW was founded a dearth years later than spare car manufacturers such as the Japanese car manufacturer, Toyota. Over the years Volkswagen has launched a number of vehicles some of which have become very popular. There are some keen fans of the Volkswagen camper van besides who could forget the VW Beetle. Even though many people like the original image of the VW Beetle in many ways it was inevitable that VW had to change the design to a certain dimension to keep the look modern. This has undoubtedly attracted new customers to purchase the vehicle and as there are several used Volkswagen Beetle vehicle that are in the older style everyone should be happy. The Volkswagen camper van is also a favourite. Back in the 1970s when it was at its most current it sold millions across the world including in the USA. Whenever I think of the VW camper van I always think back to the film Forrest Gump which focused for a time on the 1970s otherwise known as the flower power era plus showed a actually old and rusty camper camper in one of the scenes. In recent years I have been unable to see many of them riven from a old Volkswagen camper van my next door neighbour owns which he has modernised.

Through the years Volkswagen has designed two other popular selling cars in extension to the Bug and Camper Van. These are the VW Polo and VW Golf. Probably the Volkswagen Golf has been the best selling vehicle across the world. There are several new and secondhand Volkswagen Golf automobiles on the market all at offbeat ages, styles, colours and condition. Some Golf vehicles have soft tops, others have hard tops. Engine sizes are also different some of which are only 1.0 or 1.2 litres and others can nvloeden now exceedingly like 2.0 litres. The VW Golf is also usable in petrol and diesel. These vehicles are very pleasant for contract hire purchases or business users. This is mainly because they are fuel efficient, nice to drive and also the outermost is attractive enough to take to client meetings. For example a new or used Volkswagen Fox might not be the correct car to hurry to clients because it is one regarding VWs cheaper models available. The VW Golf on the other hand has a bit of class to it which has bot shown in a manifold of awards that it has won over the last few years.

In recent years VW has concentrated on design and style of its vehicles which they have been accredited for through several awards which fool taken place from New York to Geneva. At certain award ceremonies Volkswagen have won not just one year but 2 or 3 years in a row which just shows how dedicated Volkswagen are on style, quality and uniqueness. In other words a new or used Volkswagen is a fantastic vehicle to own and drive.


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