Volkswagen XL1, From Concept Car to Reality

2234.jpg Volkswagen has officially confirmed the opinion XL1 series production. The street model will be built in a limited number of copies and will hit the market in 2013, a very early date if we are to consider that the version is likely to be one of the World’s cheapest car regarding the fuel consumption.

Launching XL1 in a form scores closer to that of a serial vehicle revived the spirits like fans and gave rise to speculation about the possibility of seeing the future creation on the German streets. There are a lot of fans for the concept and the copy will definately have lots from presale orders, provided we are to consider only the ecologist groups and representants.

After the gesture of allegations plus the album information, Ferdinand Piech, Volkswagen’s chairman, positive to break the ice. Heading of the German group acknowledged that there will be a street version like the brainchild XL1, ready to begin marketing in 2013, as mentioned above, a very early date. Volkswagen’s intentions are to give rise to a small model, able to take all the features of the brainchild car named XL1. Germans favorable but a few examples of serial production, so probably the price volition nought be that low as me might expect.

Martin Winterkorn, Volkswagen delegation administrator, strengthened Piech’s statement plus said that the concept XL1 street version will launching first in Germany and behind in Europe. Final target markets are China and North America.

Details concerning the final version of the drive train, which supposedly consumes only 0.9 litres/100 km, were not currently published. But that is expected to keep as low a total mass, the future will benefit from an XL1 element fiber body, which capricious make the final purchase penalty to be a courteously expensive. The images of the car are impressive and futuristic, like the conviction would come from 2020, until some people’s dream will come true more earlier than we have expected.


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