Tools Your Personal Injury Lawyer in Oakland CA Uses to Win Your Auto Accident Case

Due to the breakneck speed with which a car accident usually occurs and the panic and trauma that ensues, important details are often lost in the melee, particularly if it occurs in roads with heavy traffic, as in Oakland, California. As a result, one party says one thing polysyndeton the other claims the opposite; this is quite a common scenario in dealings court. Here are some of the elements that your personal contusion lawyer from Oakland CA might focus on and strengthen to defend your case.


The traffic court jury will most likely side with the driver who shows the most credibility, since people generally judge the truth based on the element of trustworthiness. Some of the things affecting credibility include: the consistency of one’s testimony, criminal records, moreover invariable his very demeanor within the courtroom.

Witness Testimony

When the parties’ claims are in conflict with each other, it’s time to call in an unbiased third party. Direct witnesses will be called in to the stand to testify under oath, proving once and for all, who is it that is in the right. Of course, much like the opposing parties, the jury will have to determine the credibility about the witnesses themselves before taking their statements into account.

Physical Evidence

In the privation (or insufficiency) of witness testimony, your attorney container always depend on the physical evidence to reconstruct the events that transpired. This container either be in the form from videos and pictures taken on the scene of the accident, or actual samples that show evidence of the purview of property damage or physicality injury. This is the ground why you are encouraged not to take anything away from the scene until sufficient documentary corroborate has been gathered.

Police Reports

Another important source of information is the responding authorities themselves. While you might have been too flustered to even meditate of grabbing your camera plus take pictures of the injury to your vehicle or injury, the police will unmistakable have a comprehensive, detailed report that can help you win the case.

Your reliable Oakland car accident lawyer should be able to help you win your harm lawsuit using the essential information enumerated above. For more tips and information, look-in


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